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Report: 76 adolescents and adolescents die from AIDS daily

UN Children's Party (UNICEF) warned of rising AIDS deaths.

According to a report published on its website on Thursday, November 29, around 76 adolescents or adolescents are expected to die each day (around 360,000 by 2030) for AIDS.

The report, entitled "Children and HIV / AIDS: The World in 2030", pointed out that the number of newborn babies, from newborns up to 19 years, will increase to about 270,000 in 2030, which would be equivalent to just one third .

Current estimates show that the number of deaths for children and adolescents from AIDS will be reduced from 119,000 to 56,000 to 2030.

"The report undoubtedly reveals that the world is far from the right path to eradicating AIDS among children and adolescents by 2030," said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fur.

"Although preventive programs that prevent mother's transmission to babies are brought to fruition, they have not achieved a lot," she explained.

"The number of HIV infections in Syria since the beginning of 2017 has reached 35, including 19 in Damascus," said Ahmed Damiriy, director of infectious diseases at the Ministry of Health for local al-Watan diary.

He showed awareness of the registration of one injury in Homs and the same in the Damascus village and two injuries in Lattakia and two in Aleppo, three injuries in Tartu and seven injuries at Hama.

He noted that the number of victims will reach 18 injuries in 2016, while in 2015 will be 12 and in 2014 will win 23 and in 2013 will win 11, and in 2012, 37 injuries and 69 injuries in 2011.

In 2006 and 2009, the largest incidence of disease was recorded in Syria. The number of infections per year was 70, and in 1990 the lowest was limited to one.

On Saturday, January 1, the world celebrates the World AIDS Day, which affects the immune system as a result of exposure to HIV.

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