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Respect for the Winner of the Mohammed Bin Fahad Foundation at the Arab University 5 Deesem – Egypt now

Earth echoes President of the Arab Federation of Volunteering, Hassan bin Ali Buhzaza, announced that December 5, the International Day of Volunteering at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo will be the winners of the International Foundation Prince Mohammed bin Fahd for the best volunteer work in the Arab world.
Bouhzaza explained that the International Foundation for Volunteer Work Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad is now firmly on the field, thanks to the high expertise of its members, which will be one of the largest arabic awards in voluntary business forums in the Arab region.
He noted that the size of the large participation (18) of Arab countries and all target groups, and in various areas of environmental protection, humanitarian and youth, and numerous (102) volunteer works, reflects the importance of a necklace award in the Arab world through the great interaction he enjoyed, judiciary commissions, with competence, excellence in service, and the development of large communities in community service.
He stressed that competition is of major importance for promoting market competition in voluntary work in the Arab world, expanding the concept of social responsibility and encouraging non-governmental organizations, bodies and individuals to increase their contribution to extraordinary volunteer projects in the youth, humanitarian and ecological areas. He has shown an interesting interest offered by prince Mohammed bin Fahd's necklace. Prince Mohammed bin Fahad, Dr Issa Al-Ansari, Secretary-General of the International Foundation for Human Development, noted that the necklace reflects the vision of the Foundation to find creative solutions to human development problems in the world.

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