Tuesday , January 19 2021

Sabre Al Ribai met the audience with the song "What Do not Forget" at the Arab Music Festival

The great theater has just got a Tunisian singer
Sabre Al Ribai, to perform his concert at the 27th Festival and Conference
Music and singing, which is named after the late artist Shadia, where the ceremony was attended by a large number
From audiences and singers.

He popped up to the "quadruple" stage
In the midst of broad audience reception, present the first song, called "what you are afraid of me,
What did the public interact with?

A Tunisian singer has completed a concert by singing a baccalaureate
One of the brightest songs, "The most expensive, and I got excuses, and the word Azaz Habayeb,

It should be noted that this session is the name of the late artist
Shadia, dedicated to the spirit of the late artist Michele El Masri and the late violinist Saad Mohammed Hassan,
It includes 43 concerts and music, with 73 stars and musicians from eight Arab countries.

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