Saturday , June 19 2021

Salvation of the 11 Families who kept the grenade streams

Al – Baha – Harmony – Ayed Al Rukban

Al-Aqiq's civilian defense teams today rescued a family of 11 people held in Sead at Wadi Ashab.

A civilian defense spokesman in Al-Baha region, Colonel Jumanan bin Daes Al-Ghamdi, said at 17.22 in Al-Aqiq province, a family of 11 people reported that the jeep was held in Wadi Asheb.

He stressed in the press release, moving the necessary teams and patroling security and quick rescue directly to the incident and taking the family to a safe position and "all of them in good health and thank God," he said.

Civil defense demanded citizens not to risk going over the valley and listening to warnings and warnings about patrol security.

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