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Saudi Arabia: New details of the crime of child abuse before his mother in Medina

Local media in Saudi Arabia on Thursday night found part of the details of the crime of beating a young child in front of his mother in a terrible incident that shook the kingdom. About their appearance.

The boy, Zakaria Badr Ali al-Jaber, a seven-year-old son on Wednesday evening, is a glass panel of a man whose identity is still unclear after the crime was executed in a public place where the mother of Zechariah and other people near one of the knight's cafes Sultana bin Abdul Aziz in the city of Medina.

"His daughter is in Jeddah and was with his son Zechariah to visit Medina," he said.

He added that the victim had asked for a meal from a cafe in Prince Sultan Bin Salman Street in the city. She was in a coma after panic watching her son in the pool of blood. "

Grandpa Nasser said his daughter was taken to the hospital after the incident, especially because she was suffering from heart disease, while security forces managed to catch the criminals after resisting the tenants and wounding the security man at the crime scene.

Newspaper "Urgent" Saudi electronic news about the crime, she said sources of close family told her, including that the crime occurred in Shoran district Madinah, and the perpetrator was a 40-year-old Zakaria mother is dealing with deliveries.

The newspapers added, citing sources: "At the time of the accident (the one who committed) she and her young son after Morocco stopped for a year in the cafe on Wednesday and then went in and took the baby with him, held him in his hand and asked for a cup of tea and sat in a store, Ploce hung on the wall, wearing a piece of glass and a child that was just to get out of the car to speed up and pick up the baby, and one of the vehicles trying to save it but died while shocked.

The same list lists other sources that say: The guilty is a Saudi citizen, and the child died from behind in the cafe in front of several people.

These accounts are part of a broader account that expands several hours after the crime, including the fact that the perpetrator is a father of a child or a Saudi citizen suffering from psychiatric illness, according to local newspaper "Sabd".

There has so far been no official statement from the Medinas police about the incident, amid widespread calls to reveal the identity of the perpetrator and details of the terrible crime shocked by the Saudis, given that the victim was a child who had been killed in a shocking way before his mother.

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