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"Stability" of the Saudi Riyal today

The exchange rate of Saudi Riyadh in relation to Egyptian pound Today, in various Egyptian banking transactions such as Currency exchange rate Bank Misr and several other banks The price of Saudi rice in the black market In which various foreign currencies are traded and sold Egyptian pound.

In the context of monitoring the latest market prices, demand for the Saudi Riot is growing in different segments of the population because it is directly related to the fulfillment of certain Islamic commitments such as Hajj and Umrah.

The exchange rate of the Saudi Riyal today toward the Egyptian pound in Egypt

The Egyptian pound maintains the exchange rate for the Saudi currency in the transactions of various Egyptian banks for nearly three months continuously, and the Saudi riyal has not crossed the five-pound border in Egypt, and the Saudi Riyal has today been in banks as follows

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Egyptian bankSaudi riyal price against Egyptian poundSaudi riyal price against Egyptian pound
Saudi reyal price at the Central Bank of Egypt4.44024.4671
The exchange rate of the Saudi Riyale4.42984.4664
The price of the Saudi Riyal in Banque Misr4.42994.4664
The exchange rate of the Saudi Riyale4.410604.46643
Saudi riyal rates at a commercial international bank4.41914.4642
Saudi riyal rate at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank4.42384.4691
Saudi riyal rates at the Audi bank4.43984.4664

The price of Saudi rice in the black market today

As for the price of sales and purchases of Saudi Riyas in relation to Egyptian pound on the black market today, they range from 4.45 pounds to the purchase, up to 4.50 pounds for sale, and the value varies according to the prices traded in the geographic scope of the transaction .

Update the price of Saudi currency in Egypt today

Egyptian pound continues to maintain its value in relation to the Saudi Riyale, in all banking and banking markets, for a long time of about three months.

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