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Pregnant women suffer from several problems during nine months of pregnancy is not easy, pregnant women should have a healthy lifestyle to avoid many of the risks that may be exposed, such as diabetes, abortion, etc. We've brought you some tips today. Important for each owner.


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The most important nutritional advice for pregnant women

Pregnant women should have a healthy diet to avoid getting overweight or obesity and to keep your baby healthy. Calories to be taken in one day and avoid eating food that helps increase nausea, you only need to eat healthy foods for the body and the fetus, such as:


Pregnant women should eat about 70 grams of proteinProteins are the structure of body cells, such as milk, meat, chicken, chicken, fish.


Pregnant women must get a large amount of iron up to 50% of food intake.


A pregnant woman must eat at least two cups of milk a day to compensate for body fat, whereby the fetus absorbs the calcium needed to build bones from the mother.


Drink about 10 glasses a day of liquid, especially water.

Whole meals

Meals must be provided Whole grains, fibers, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts or legumes.

Tips For Solving Pregnancy Problems

In the following lines we provide you with a number of important tips that will help a pregnant woman solve the problems she can undergo:

1 – Morning nausea: Eat small meals to avoid nausea in the morning, avoid eating foods containing spices, sour foods and keeping biscuits of salty biscuits to avoid morning sickness.

2. Tiredness and Tiredness: Tiredness is normal in pregnancy, but you can avoid it to rest and sleep for a long time.

3. Cramps: It is normal to have cramps in your leg during pregnancy, and to make it as small as possible, you must do some physical activity and exercise lightly.

4. Prison: To avoid constipation, take a large amount of liquid, fruit and vegetables.

4. Expanded Veins: Avoid wearing tight clothing during Pregnancy, especially in your waist and legs, you should avoid standing for a long time, resting whenever you have a chance.

5 – Sadness and Depression: One of the most common symptoms that pregnant women experience during pregnancy are months of sadness and depression due to hormonal changes in the body, so the nature of her mood is acute.

6. Infection of vaginal fungus: During vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge is increased, so consult your physician to treat it, especially if it becomes red or brown.

7. Bleeding gums: The pregnant woman must constantly clean the teeth and check with the dentist what can be done to avoid problems with the gums.

8. Holding the Fluid: A pregnant woman should sit and lift her feet to the top whenever there is a possibility of avoiding fluid retention in the body and sleeping on the left to relieve the blood into the heart.

9 – Skin changes: Pregnancy may have some skin changes such as white lines or some pills that disappear after pregnancy, skin returns to normal and can use creams and lotions to avoid white belly and period traces, and works to prevent dry skin.

Tips for taking medicines and vitamins for pregnant women

1. Pregnant women should be asked by a physician about the vitamins they should take during pregnancy and healthy habits that followers must avoid to avoid premature birth.

2 – Distance from Smoking or sitting with smokers.

3 – Avoid inhaling chemicals that are used for cleaning, both at work and at home, and must be removed from the scent of color and other exfoliating odors.

4 – cats should be cleared if found, especially from waste, and take necessary vaccinations.

5. Refrain from drinking alcohol.

6 – Go to the doctor at scheduled times.

7 – Work on relaxation on a daily basis.

8 – Maintain the intake of vitamins such as calcium, iron and Omega 3 to be healthy for her and her baby.

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