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The Ascension Series Artegirl Episode 144 Live Ertuğrul Diriliş Part V Today 17/4/2019 Translator full

The series of the Ascension of the Artegirl series of historical Turkish, enjoyed by a large audience of spectators from around the world who today with great interest observe the humility of the series Artegirl Resurrection Episode 144 Madbalij exclusively through the spotlight, which provides the service of watching all episodes of the series free of charge, subscribe to your site to enjoy all the services it provides.

Series of Artegirl Ascension Episodes 144 Madbalij

The series of Artegrel's resurrection was followed by global follow-up due to historical events that refer to the origins of the Ottoman empire and the adventures of Artgrela and his wars for the emergence of Islam, and the series has reached the fifth part with unprecedented success and are all waiting to watch the events of the new episodes. The show will be shown after the series 143. The series will be shown at TRT Turkish Channel 1 at 20:00 in Cairo on Wednesday evening. Supplement for Arabic.

Everyone is watching today at 20:00 Turkey's direct offer from the first Turkish channel, the official holder of the series to watch the events of the new episodes with great passion, everyone is now watching to see a link of 144 series series translated into Arabic, and can also watch the series through the Yarmouk channel and the call and home country and other channels,

The frequency of channels that transmit the Artgreens series

Turkish channel TRT 1110428400vertical5/6
Call the channel
Kanal AlYarmuk
Channel namesatelliteChannel frequencyCoding factorChannel polarization
TRT channelTURKSAT110428400vertical
TRT channelEUTELSAT109283000vertical
Channel 4 YouthNil Sub1131627500horizontal
Call the channelNil Sub1072727500vertical
Channel Al WatanNil Sub1101227500horizontal
Al Sharq channelNil Sub1113727500vertical
Kanal Al YarmoukNil Sub1167827500vertical
Qatar ChannelNil Sub1097127500vertical

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