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The controversy after the dissident minister Houthis threw shoes in Riyadh

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The controversy after Houthis's dissident minister dropped shoes off Riyadh on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

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Sunday, 11 November 2018 07:48

At a press conference held in Riyadh on Sunday, the dissident minister of information, Abdul Salam Jaber, was attacked by the wave of mixed reactions among Yemen on social networks.

In video-shows on social networks, one of the participants at the press conference, Nasser Saleh al-Saqqaf, one of the employees of the Yemeni Embassy in Riyadh, said the media minister, a dissident from the Huthi government, was throwing and showing the footwear, causing chaos at the conference.

And he spread a clip that dumped the dissident minister at places of communication interested in the Yemeni problem, while being divided divided between supporters and opponents of that act.

The dissident minister admitted that Houthis' campaign was a disinformation campaign, and he also discovered the existence of a huge Houthi media machine and electronic army that would be deployed across the region.

Nasser Saleh al-Saqqaf wrote that he had thrown a dissident minister – whom he described as Houth's terrorist – with shoes "because of his involvement with Houthis in shedding the blood of the Yemeni people for four years."

Insult to Saudi Arabia and legitimacy

Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize Tawakul Kerman thought he had joked the dissident minister as an insult to Saudi Arabia and a legitimate government headquartered in Riyadh.

Kerman said, "The shoe has chewed the face of Saudi Arabia and legitimacy legitimacy, not Abdul Salamu Jaber, the outcome and that's what you will get from our people."

And I agree with what went to Kerman's journalist Adnan Hashim and thought that throwing Houthis information shoe was not only despising and insulting his person but contempt for those who welcomed him and celebrated in the first place.

"The separation of this man is what will add to the war and peace in the country, to be celebrated in this way," Hashim said. "It is not a tribal elder who will draw tribes from the first line or a military commander who will pull the military brigade from fighting with Huthis."

"Sometimes the coalition and the government seek victory as long as my character and form are not negligible and faced with shoes, no one would like to throw a shoe, but it shows two important things: first, he says, is the amount of dissatisfaction justifying Houthis' Money, the second "dissatisfaction with the size of the coalition and the government in search of trivial victories that bring into question fairness are the cause of legitimacy supporters."

Glory is false

State Minister in a legitimate government resigned to Salah al-Layaq said: "First brother Abdul Salam Jaber flees to his family and his people in the south and continues his struggle and victory for the national cause – if he still believes in him.

"Do not go to the leg of legitimate shoes, but when there is no vision, there is no need to look where it is put."

Asked what Jabir was expecting there? Everyone spends what he has, and there is no consolation for nonsense and those who seek false glory at any price and in any place, "as he said.

Polish varnishes

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Sport, the Guardian of the Slave, said only, "Do not talk to dissidents, and do not make them victorious and heroic, they are the original partners in what destroyed and destroyed us.

Movement is generous

Journalist Fahd Sultan said that throwing shoes at a press conference for a person who came from Sana after being sure was not a heroic position.

"This situation will be good, if it happened in Sana & # 39; or in any other country, that person will get their free will," he said.

"For me, these shoes will register the right position – one or the other – if some of the ministers and employees over legitimate – corrupt – know it months, even years," Sultan says.

Houthi Auction

On the other hand, leader Houthi, Muhammad Ali Al-Emad, is willing to buy a shoe that the minister, a dissident, drove out of his group, Jaber, the amount of 10 million riots.

"I am Mohammed Ali al-Amad, ready to buy sandals, which was stoned in the face of Abdul Salam Jaber's ten million tans," he said, adding that he would lead the sandals to Abu Mustafa.

Journalist Fathi Abu al-Nasr commented: "Honestly, he chose meta and Ramy, the great villain who carefully chose them."

Fair Screenplay

Novelist Marwan al-Ghafouri criticized the views of officials who worked on the Al-Houthi line and were impressed with their arrival and justified their demolition of the state. Finally, they declare their innocence and join the ranks of legitimacy.

"Al-Houthi is the master of this country and needs to be served, and then came out the next morning and said: Houthi is a criminal and he must be killed."

"At least one of them must be involved in Senseville," said Ghafouri. "Others can apologize to him for that." "This scenario is just and indispensable," he said.

He calls for the isolation of the disciple from the ranks of Houthi

Journalist Yousef Ajlan defended the position of throwing al-Saqqaf, al-Houthi's media minister, with his shoes. "He threw a shoe from Huth and the minister became a hero," he said.

"Regardless of how the shoe was thrown in the end as the person turned to Huthi within a few hours, and the other turned into Minister Houthi, who helped capture journalists and encouraged everything to oppose this group of coupons) . "

Activists who criticized Al-Saqqaf, who threw down the minister who threw his shoes, accused Al-Saqqaf of having Houthi and working in Riyadh for Houthi on the grounds that he belonged to the Hashemite dynasty.

According to Ajlan: "Only the name of Saqqaf was a crime and they claimed that Hachemi Houthi, as Saggafa with legitimacy, I expelled you, you skill but if Mendes allowed Hawthi to live for four years in Saudi Arabia and no one noticed that Huthi just stoned his shoes. "

On the other hand, political activist Mohammed al-Muqbal said, "When the minister leaves the office, that is a good thing that reflects his sense of almost the disappearance of the group that worked with him and failed." He added, "Help people escape from the oppression of the Hutus militia, and everyone has the right to regret, especially those who were not involved in war crimes and injuries."

Others have called for the dismissal of officials working in the ranks of Huthis and embarking on the legitimacy line. "Those who joined the militia and Aafash in the latest crime in Yemen turned around and, in my opinion, completely isolated from any scene.

Journalist Yaser Aqil also ridiculed and said, "They held a press conference for dissident minister Huthis in order to be stoned to shoes." "So why are they ministering to them in Riyadh, to cleanse him from the years he spent with Houthis," he said.

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