Sunday , February 28 2021

The Democratic Republic of Congo testifies to the "most frightening wave" of the Ebola epidemic

The Democratic Republic of Congo testifies


Immunization against the lethal epidemic of Ebola in DRC

The Ministry of Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country experiences the "most frightening wave" of Ebola epidemic in its history, with 319 cases ranging from confirmed and possible injuries, beginning with an epidemic in early August.

"The current wave of Ebola is the worst in nation history and it is the third worst wave of pandemic that hits the continent after an epidemic in Uganda and West Africa," quotes agency spokesman Jessica Ilonja.

"A total of 198 people have been killed since the recent outbreak of epidemics in the land areas," Ilonja said. "Among deaths are 163 confirmed Ebola cases, 35 possible cases and 100 others recovered after treatment".

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The epidemic of Ebola is spreading again in Africa

"The biggest challenge the Organization faces in providing DRC assistance is the lack of trust and resistance of local communities to help everyone," said World Health Organization director Tadros Adhanem.

Adhaman said that halting convoy aids due to armed attack had a major impact on the outbreak of epidemics, as the number of victims increases to such an extent that vaccination is not sufficient for medical convoys.

The Democratic Republic of Congo faces 10 waves of epidemics since the virus was found near Ebola in 1976.

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