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The latest leaks confirm that the Galaxy A90 will not come with the design of the camera slider

New releases have confirmed that the Galaxy A90 will not have a sliding unit for the front camera with a front camera that appears on the Infinity-U design screen.

The Galaxy A90 still attracts great attention in anticipation of official announcements, given the many details and leaks that emerged on this release, and it was mentioned earlier that it will be the first edition of the new Samsung Galaxy R series, while recent leaks confirmed that was launched in two models, As one of the series A phones this year.

Models of the Galaxy A90 have been observed, and the first model comes with the SM-A905, while the other model comes with the SM-A908, and both models come with a Snapdragon 855 processor chip.

Leaks also show that the rear camera in the first SM-A905 comes in three settings with a 48 mega pixel main sensor, the latest 12 megapixels, and the third-sensor resolution of 5 megapixels, and the phone supports Tilt OIS.

While the other model of the SM-A908 includes a 48 megapixel sensor with 8 megapixels sensor and a 5 megapixel third sensor. However, this camera will not have a periscope mechanism that mimics the Samsung Galaxy A80, where the camera comes with a traditional design on the back.

On the other hand, the SM-A908 has a Super AMOLED display with Infinity-U design with FullHD screen resolution and Galaxy A90 6.7-inch screen.

Some speculations point to the fact that the SM-A905 is the highest version of the Galaxy A90 with QHD-sliding OIS camera slides while some leakage indicates that the SM-A908 will have the support of the fifth generation network.



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