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The weather in the Arab world .. The climate continues to be very hot in most areas of Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula (Weather Arabs)

On Sunday night, Arab Weather website posted details of weather conditions in Arab countries.

A Thalia details:

Weather in Levante and Egypt:

Sunday. Moderate summer time in most areas of Levanta and high humidity in early morning and early morning hours.

The moderate summer climate prevails with high temperatures around the late 1920s or early 30s, and temperatures in the mountains of Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Western Syria.

Moisture levels remain high during late nights and early morning hours on the Syrian coast, Lebanon, Palestine, and parts of western Jordan with low clouds.

The weather remains relatively hot in Damascus, and parts of Syria's interior and temperatures are between the middle and the late 30's Celsius in some areas.

There is a chance for local rain to appear on parts of the Syrian coast.

Wet weather in Sinai, Delta, and northern Egypt in general, with a hot climate in Cairo and southern Egypt. During early morning hours with the formation of fog or brush in various parts,

Weather in Gulf States:

Continued hot weather in most areas of Iraq and the Arab Peninsula

Heaven remains hot and hot in large parts of Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman, with extreme temperatures.

Low chance for the formation of cumulative clouds south of Hajar Mountain in Oman.

Opportunity is still present for thunder storms in parts of western Yemeni plateaus and plateau Asir and Jazan in southwestern Saudi Arabia during the afternoon and evening hours.

Winds remain active in areas west of Saudi Arabia, causing dust, especially on roads and coastal areas.

The signs of the return of northern wind activity "Alwarah" to parts of Iraq and Kuwait on Monday as well as the rest of the region of the Arabian Gulf on Tuesday.

Weather in the Maghreb:

Wet weather with fog that is formed in the morning on the banks of Tunisia and Algiers .. and continued heat and drought in most inner regions of Algeria, Tunisia and eastern Morocco

Coastal areas of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and the Kingdom of Morocco are generally wet, with fog and low clouds.

The weather in the interior of Algeria, Tunisia and East Morocco remains hot and dry.

It is expected that some cumulus trees will be renewed during the afternoon and afternoon hours, on the Mount Atlas of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Time in the World:

Hot waves start falling steadily on Sunday from parts of the Western European continent, and the temperatures are slightly diminishing in relation to the previous days, while they are even shorter than Monday and the next few days.

Weather is generally warm in Spain, southern France and parts of Italy, but less sharp than in recent days.

Rain is expected in Norway and Sweden with relatively cold weather.

In Japan, heavy rain is expected and warns of local flooding and flooding.

Thunderstorms on the coast of the Mexican Gulf in the United States and the northeast of the country.

Weather and expected temperatures in Arabic capitals and cities on Sunday, 30-6-2019:

Today's Amman – Jordan:

Time is often net.

Maximum temperature in Oman: 30 °

Minimum temperature in Amman: 20 °

Today's Al-Quds Al-Sharif – Palestine:

Several clouds.

High temperatures in Al – Quds Al – Sharifu: 29 °

Minimum temperature in Al-Quds Al-Sharif: 22 °

Today's Time in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia:

Hot weather.

Maximum temperature in Riyadh: 45 °

Minimum temperature in Riyadh: 29 °

Today's weather in Beirut – Lebanon:

Time is often net.

High temperature in Beirut: 30 °

Minimum temperature in Beirut: 25 °

Weather in Damascus – Syria: t

Hot weather.

High temperatures in Damascus: 36 °

Minimum temperature in Damascus: 19 °

Today's Time in Baghdad – Iraq:

Clear weather.

Great temperature in Baghdad: 43 °

Minimum temperature in Baghdad: 28 °

Current time in Kuwait – Kuwait:

Hot weather.

Great temperature in Kuwait:

Minimum temperature in Kuwait: 34 °

Current Time in Manama – Bahrain:

Clear weather.

High temperatures in Manami: 40 °

Minimum temperature in Manama: 35 °

Today's weather in Abu Dhabi – UAE:

Clear weather.

High temperatures in Manami: 41 °

Minimum temperature in Manama: 33 °

Today's weather in Doha – Qatar:

Hot weather.

High temperature in Doha: 46 °

Minimum temperature in Doha: 32 °

Current time in Muscat – Amman:

Hot weather.

High temperatures in Muscat: 44 °

Minimum temperature in Muscat: 35 °

Today's time in Sana & Yoga – Yemen: t

Partly cloudy.

Great temperature in Sani: 27 °

Minimum temperature in Word: 17 °

Today's weather in Cairo – Egypt:

Clear weather.

Maximum temperature in Cairo: 37 °

Cairo Minimum temperature: 24 ° C

Today's weather in Mogadishu – Somalia:

Rain showers.

High temperatures in Mogadishu: 28 °

Minimum temperature in Mogadishu: 26 °

Today's Time in Djibouti – Djibouti:

Weather is often cloudy.

Temperature in Djibouti: 38 °

Temperature in Djibouti: 32 °

Today's weather in Khartoum – Sudan: t

Active winds.

Maximum temperature in the intestine: 36 ° C

Minimum temperature in Khartoum: 28 ° C

Weather in Tripoli – Libya: t

Light rain.

Great temperature in Tripoli: 31 °

Minimum temperature in Tripoli: 23 °

Today's weather in Tunisia – Tunisia:

Clear weather.

High temperatures in the city of Tunis: 34 °

Minimum Temperature in Tunisia: 21 °

Current time in Algiers – Algeria:

Clear weather.

High Temperature in Algiers: 33 °

Minimum temperature in Algeria: 24 °

Today's weather in Rabat – Morocco:

Partly cloudy.

High temperatures in Rabat city: 24 °

Minimum temperature in the town of Rabat: 20 °

Today's weather in Nouakchott – Mauritania:

Active winds.

High Temperature in Nouakchottu: 36 °

Minimum temperature in Nouakchott: 26 °

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