Tuesday , July 27 2021

"Tourism" is located in Bishu to accept desert tourism

SPA – Harmony:

The General Directorate for Tourism and National Heritage has selected 4 areas that can be used to accept the Desert Tourism Form in Bishop Governor, and the plan will be developed and activated in cooperation with the Governor and its municipalities within the comprehensive tourism development plan of the province, Prince of Wales Queen Sultan bin Salman President of the General Directorate for Tourism and National Heritage and was inaugurated by his royal dignitary prince, Turki bin Talal, the deputy governor of Assir region during a recent visit to the province.
A delegation of the Head of Tourism Administration, who is comprised of the director of tourist programs and products in Fahad Al-Subaiah, engineers and consultants in the development of tourist sites, began meetings in administrations and municipalities, and Bishop Abdullah Saeed Al-Akbali, Director of Tourism and National Heritage said is that there are natural elements for the activation of desert tourism and benefits. Of that, pointing out that the team was in charge of the development of tourist sites in Asir, in four provincial municipalities, which includes tourist components.
Al-Akbali confirmed that Bbeisha mayors agreed that each municipality would make the necessary cadastral facilities for development facilities and send them to the Tourist Authority in a short time.
The director of the National Tourism and Heritage Directorate, the Assyrian region, engineer Mohammed Al-Omrah said that the region is characterized by the diversity of geographic and climatic features, making it one of the most important places and tourist places in the Kingdom, since these are important elements of tourist attractions , From tourist ideas to activating desert tourism, inviting investors to take advantage of these opportunities in favor of them and the region.

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