Thursday , November 14 2019
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Watch out for Zero Day if you use Chrome on Windows

If you are currently using Google Chrome, you should ensure that your browser is up to date, and if it is not updated, you may be at serious risk on Zero Day.

Security researchers at Kaspersky, a security company, have discovered a vulnerability known as Zero Day, which makes Chrome users vulnerable to malicious attacks. Hackers may be able to take control of the device and download malware to their computer.

"Zero Day" is called a vulnerability discovered by a third party, other than software developers, that has not yet been fixed, leaving users unprotected to rush for attackers to exploit the vulnerability before developers resolve them.

Zero-day exploitation is the most important thing affecting the software industry.

This vulnerability, called WizardOpium, is surprisingly sophisticated. According to Kaspersky, this malware is first injected on a Korean news site, so the script is downloaded from a different location when people visit the Korean site.

The software checks if the device is worth the attack. According to Kaspersky, the attackers have designed the software to attack only Windows devices with Chrome version 65 or later, and once identified, the malware will be transferred to the device.

Kaspersky notified Google of the error, and the company has already released a fix for it. This is a version of Chrome version 78.0.3904.87 (Chrome 78.0.3904.87), if you did not download it, you must download it now and it is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

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