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What will happen if the sun goes down?

"What would happen if the sun exploded?" A twelve-year-old girl asks what could happen if the sun goes out and how life looks after the death of this star that burns our life.

"The sun is a star," says Christopher Manser, a postdoctoral astrophysics researcher at the University of Warwick. "When a star explodes, it's known as a supernova, and this type of explosion is very bright and bright (very bright), and very powerful, and releases a large amount of dust in the universe."

"This dust comes from the emergence of other stars and planets," Manser adds. "Our solar system is created with this dust from such explosions, so the person himself is made of the explosive materials of those stars." , The whole Sun's system crashes. "

But, hey, there is no need to worry so far. Only stars that are 10 times larger than the Sun or larger can explode like this, and for the life cycle of our Sun will end in a completely different way.

Manser points out that the "supernova" phenomenon is like an explosion of balloons, but when our sun explodes, it will happen slowly, as when the air gradually evacuates the balloon. "

The sun is now in the middle of a stable 10 billion-year star life cycle, and will remain in this section 4.5 to 5.5 billion years.

Manser says:

"The sun begins to die when it runs out of fuel for about 5 billion years, and this time period is 77 times longer than the time since the extinction of the tyrannosaurus. Very long, very.

"When this phase begins, it gets bigger and colder, turning to what astronomers call the Red Giant, and becomes much bigger after Mars, Venus and Earth have swallowed."

Mansur points out that when the sun becomes a red div, it is huge and bloated, the outer layer begins to grow, becomes smaller and smaller, and ultimately turns into what we later call the "white dwarf".

White dwarf

The White Dwarf is a nucleus or a dead dead star, and is very heavy, weighing almost over the weight of the sun, while its size is just the size of the planet.

Imagine, a little hanging of the "white dwarf" soil can weigh about 6,000 kg – or more than the size of the adult elephant.

"As the sun becomes a white dwarf, most of the solar system is orbiting, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune continue to circulate around it, as well as the asteroid belt, Kuiper belt, and dwarf planets like Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and Earth."

"Because of the small size of a white dwarf, he does not produce a lot of light, and no white dwarf has fuel to give him energy so that time becomes colder and colder.

At this place, where the sun is a white dwarf, the rest of his life will be so, and cold slowly and darkly, so that nothing remains.

Life after the death of the sun

Sunlight is what keeps the planet warm, and without it, the planet's solar system becomes very cold, making it difficult for them to live.

"No white dwarf produces a lot of light, but in the future, people will be able to build spaceships that will allow us to leave Earth somewhere else, or we can build something that will enable us to move Earth to a safe place, survive after it has been swallowed by the sun which became a red div. "

Manser adds:

"The sun will become a red div and then a white dwarf for billions of years, for a long time."

"We can not see the star that all this is happening, but we know how stars are born and how they die by studying the stars in our galaxy – Milky Way – like Kepler's great caliber and great Tychoom."

The Galaxy The Dairy Route contains stars of all ages. Astronomers have long found out which are small, large, or even dead. By designing large and dead stars, we can detect what is happening to our sun in the distant, distant future.

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