Sunday , May 16 2021

Windows Update 10 .. New rules for "disconnecting USB devices"

Microsoft is planning to modify the way Windows 10 works with separating the storage device USB or lightning boltSo the time of removal is faster.

It includes drives USB, External Hard Drives and Erasable Drives SSD, And data transfer links USB Made between computers and smartphones.

The change that is expected to cause some problems occurs with the version of Windows 10 1809 – the next major version of Microsoft Windows 10 (May 2019 update) – which will be released in the coming weeks.

The default rules have so far been present in all previous versions of Windows when you unplug the storage device USB The "best performance" setting, but starting with version 1080 of Windows 10, the default policy will be "Quick UninstallationHe said.

There is a big difference between them, because the "best performance" policy means that Windows manages data transfer and storage operations in a way that improves performance.

This includes storing data during transport, opening or preparing for specific operations.

This constant readiness of Windows means that every user wants to turn off the storage device USB Or the device lightning bolt Related to it must pass the process of removing the device safely and manually.

But starting from version 1809 of Windows 10, it will become the default state of all storage devices USB and Thunderbolt "Quick Removal, "a situation where external storage devices can be interrupted without the safe removal of the device.

Quickly removing as a default Windows system will not save the disk cache, which means that data that is transmitted to an external storage device may take longer to transmit or be damaged when the device is removed too fast.

The company allows users to change the default disc drive rule, enabling users to back up external hard drives or copy business documents to the device USB Make sure the data is securely transmitted.

Nothing unexpectedly does not happen when using any removal rules, but Microsoft recommends that users have the ability to enable write cache on the device and safe use of the removal process of the device when removing the external storage device to avoid accidental loss of data..

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