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"Women, young people and children" is the title of the 28th Arab Music Festival

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“ Women, young people and children & # 39; & # 39; is the title of the 28th Arab Music Festival from the Al Fajr website, Friday November 8, 2019.

The Scientific Committee of the Research Conference that followed the 28th Arab Music Festival, entitled "Music and Society in the Arab World" made several recommendations that emerged from interventions and discussions that open new perspectives to activating the role of music in Arab societies and what they can do. contribute to cultural, artistic and social mobility. It was as follows:
First: Ahead for Activating Arab Music Day, where it was recommended to invite Ministries of Culture in all Arab countries to activate the Arab Music Day on March 28 each year, with various music activities that contribute to the participation of as many members of society as possible in all categories, especially children and Youth Official and unofficial technical bodies, as well as specialized academies and institutes, in a way that helps consolidate Arabic music in all its forms and tributaries in the hearts of Arab nations.

Second: Inviting art institutions and institutions in the Arab world to pay attention to women's musical creations by incorporating works by creative women, especially the forgotten ones in Arab music concerts, by publishing a book to meet forgotten creators in the Arab world and documenting their work and re-presented in various media to inform the public, especially young people about their heritage, to encourage creative endeavors. Serious Arab women listen to music and find ways to support, support women's bands and adopt the characteristic and overcome difficulties they face.

Third: Inviting interest in collecting and documenting children's songs produced in state media and presenting them again.

Fourth: To invite all those who organize music conferences in the Arab world to provide a platform for young people to present their artistic experiences and express their views on current musical issues, especially as regards the dialectic of relations between youth and its musical heritage, and invite young masters and PhD researchers to play and discuss their theses.

Fifth: Invitation to Official Art Institutions and Opera Houses in the Arab World to Pay Attention to and Discuss the Creative Experiences of Creative Youth and Find a Mechanism that Allows Arab Youth to Communicate Serious Music in the Arab World through Reduced Tickets or Concerts .

It is noteworthy that the scientific committee of the conference included actress Jihan Morsi, director of the festival and conference, Dr. Rasha Tamoum professor in the Department of Theory and Composition of the Faculty of Music, Helwan University (president) and membership Dr. Zain Nassar, professor of music criticism at the Higher Institute Art Critics of the Academy of Music Critical Art and Journalist Deputy Writer Kariman H Editor-in-Chief of Al-Masaa Newspaper, Dr. Hoda Ahmed Mohamed, Professor of Singing and Former Deputy of the Higher Institute of Arabic Music at the Academy of Arts, Dr. Mohamed Shabana Professor and Head of the Chair for Popular Performing Arts Dr. Shereen Abdel Latif Badr, Professor of Arabic Music, Faculty of Music Education, University of Helwan, Dr. Najla El Gabaly, Professor of Arabic Music, Faculty of Music Education, University of Helwan, Dr. Ahmed Youssef El Taweel, Professor and Head of Department of Music, Higher Institute Arabic music, Academy of Arts, Egyptian Cultural Radio.

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