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6 months imprisonment: a confirmed sentence on Bath's appeal •

Mayor Mermoz / Sacré-Coeur appeared yesterday at the Prizren Court Bar for discrediting the court decision. The mayor of the prosecutor's office requested confirmation of a prison sentence of six months in the first instance jail, and was already interrupted by the wrong fate. Consideration will be known December 12.

He was sentenced in the first instance to six months in prison and a fine of 100,000 francs due to the discrediting of a court decision, Mayor Mermoz / Sacré-Coeur appealed to challenge the decision. Barthélémy Dias, as he was, appeared yesterday at the Appellate Court bar in Dakar. At the beginning of the hearing, one of the defense attorneys in Mr. Khoureychi Bâ, submitted a request for referral. The reason it gives a black dress is the absence of other defenders who are currently in Paris to defend Dakar, Khalifa Ababacar Sall, which is being carried out in another case. However, the President of the Appellate Tribunal appealed for dismissal. He said: "At the hearing on the 26th of October, the file was in good condition, but we sent it to a remote day for oral discussion, you can not prepare a case for the verdict and restore it for no good cause. The file is in the state and will be judged yesterday (yesterday) .My decision has been made, so the lawyer left the room, he said, informing his colleagues. When he returned to the room, he was surprised to see that the trial had already begun and that his client was in charge, requesting the cessation of the trial at the bottom of Bartha, according to Mr. B, he has no lifting privileges. the word exchange between the black dress and the president of the Appellate Court. "That's abnormal what you are doing. It is no longer just what you are doing. In the first line all our rights have been violated. You can not behave like this by appealing, "he condemned the black dress.

Barth headed: "I am persecuted for the crime of presidential ambition"

"I do not understand why you want a specific treatment on this file when files like the rest." "I will not start my career as a fake judge at my age." I will not go back to the debate and my decision is irrevocable, "said the President of the Appellate Court. "If this is your decision, I'm not taking part in the trial," Mr. Ba said before leaving. El Hadji Diouf and Barth tried to keep it, without success. The trial followed his path, and Barth heard the Court. However, Mayor Mermoz / Sacre-Coeur asked for his remarks to be placed in their context. "I have not mentioned any of the magistrates, I have been persecuted for the crimes of presidential ambition, we are in a state of suitability, before every election I am in the court bar I assure you, Judges, that after the presidential elections here you will not see your faces because there will be no more I'm here in front of you for purely political reasons. "" I'm the victim of the dynamism that consists of sniffing, "he discovered. Moreover, the wrong cause reminds us not to be the only one in this country to criticize justice and its functioning. In order to convince the court, he recalled the release of Senegal (Sou) Senate President Souleyman Teliko, calling on judges to be neutral and resigning Judge Ibrahim Hamidou Dome. "I'm the only one who has been indicted in Senegal because of the talks on justice, and I have expressed a sense of bitterness and distraction." I spoke figuratively and the magistrates called them prostitutes. "Caricature is no less prohibited by the constitutional code of criminal procedure," he said.

Parquetier: "Your remarks undermine the authority of justice"

Invited to speak to defend his client, Me El Hadji Diouf immediately claimed to be there to defend the victim. "He is the victim of his devotion, his political courage, his dignity, his love for his country, and there are Senegalians who do nothing for Senegal, and Barth refuses to be one of those cowards, who can tell us that all court decisions are unmistakable? who give advice to enhance our justice are true patriots, "he said. Before I continue: "Only in this country are people convicted of opinions, this is outdated in the great democracies." In this case, I did not see any violations. His colleague El Mamadou Ndiaye dismissed the ball to cancel the lack of independence of justice which, according to his "The freedom of expression does not mean that you have the right to say whatever you want. Your objection undermines the authority of justice, discredit justice. Even if you're a committed boy, you have to know where to stop when your rights stop. If we were allowed to deal with crap, if we were to handle gargoyles, anarchy would be overcome and chaos would rule in this country. It is not because you are a politician who has to offend everything, "the prosecutor said. For him, Barthélémy Dias was a recidivist, for that reason he said that the first decision was in accordance with the law and sought confirmation, and the case was reserved for the 12 December judgment.

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