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9. FICA returns to the happiness of young people

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Film lovers will meet tomorrow and 9 December in Algiers with the 9th International Film Festival in Algeria dedicated to a film that is back with a far-reaching commercial film program and directed at human rights, according to the will of the organizer.

In the competition of this 9th edition participates 18 films, 9 feature films and 9 documentaries, which also anticipates the projection of five short films and four fiction out of the competition.

Algerian cinematographer will feature "La Voce des Anges" Kamel Laïch and "The Right Path" Okache Touite, as shown in the preview, as well as the documentary film "Enrico Mattéi and Algerian Revolution" by Ali Fateh Ayadi and "Choose at 20", Algerian-Swiss co-production Villy Hermmann.

Among other works that are competing in the category of feature film are "Wajib" by Palestinian Annemarie Jacir, "Melancholy Worker" by French Gérard Mordillat, "Rusty Boys" by Andy Bausch, "Season in France" by Chadian Saleh Harounou and " hope "Finnish Aki Kaurismäki.

In the category of the documentary is discussed: "Silence of Lydia" by Burkinabe Aissata Ouamara, "Free" French Michel Tosca, "Central Airport FHT" by German Karim Ainouz and "Children's Luck" co-production by Belgian Thierry Michel and Pascal Colson.

Four works out of the competition are also on the 9th FICA program, the "Canary eye" of Cuba's Fernando Perez, "The Goat's Leg in the Dawn" of Canadian Franz Leclerc, the documentary "The Devil's Daughter" by French Ursula Wernly-Fergui and the latest director Rachid Bouchareb "The Belleville police officer".

Only five works, including "Left-Right" Mouti Dridi, "The Black Spirit" Chakib Taleb-Bendiab or "Bidoun Hawiya" Sahraouie Nayat Ahmed Abdesalam, are featured in the short film category in 2017.

For Commissioner FICA, Zhira Yahi, number, "reduced works did not open a competition and make a jury" for this category. In anticipation of the FICA issue from 2019, a call for participation at the director of short films is now being launched.

Despite the official name of the Algerian International Film Festival, FICA has been working since 2011 to offer "a space devoted exclusively to the fact that was founded by Khalida Toumi, former Culture Minister," recalled the festival commissioner, explaining that the choice for this 9th. FICA focused on "movies that put man into the heart of the problem, without imposing a specific theme" on selected works.

Referring to the choice in Algeria, he believes that "film production today is a commitment itself" because, she says, "investment in production is not profitable" in the absence of the market and the film industry in Algeria.

Regarding the broadcasting of FICA films, Zhira Yahia confirmed that the project existed but "still not finalized". A one-time operation "is developing in partnership with the algerian cinema network" to program these movies across the audience, she added.

Organizers also announced an increase in funds from the Ministry of Culture in favor of FICA 2018, supplemented by the contribution of partners and sponsors of this event, which according to their estimates recorded nearly 10,000 entries during the previous issue.

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