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aircraft parts found in Surtainville

Emiliano Sala: Parts of a plane found in Surtainville

SALA – Emiliano Sala's wreckage was allegedly found on a French beach in Surtainville while a private search is still under way in Guernsey. Latest news live.

16:37 – Remnants of aircraft found by locals

According to Pointe's information, "the discovery was made by residents who quickly came to gendarmerie," and the prosecutor's office in Cherbourg opened an investigation he had entrusted to the research department. Naval Gendarmerie.

16:35 – Investigation instituted by the prosecution in Cherbourg

The point indicates that after this waste, which probably belonged to the aircraft carried by Emiliano Sala, the state attorney's office in Cherbourg entrusted the investigation to the investigative department of the Naval Gendarmerie, which is responsible for determining the location of the plane crash (Territorial Water English or French?). To determine this place, specialists have to compute navigational data and compare them with the signals transmitted to the aircraft.

16:20 – Reminder of the chronology of Emiliana Sale's research

16:10 – Chances of survival of Emiliana Sale are still shrinking

If it is confirmed that the remains of the aircraft come from the plane in which Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson took place, it probably meant that the aircraft was heavily damaged on the sea, leaving little hope for the chance to survive these two men.

16:02 – Two research teams will work together

David Mearns, who co-ordinates a private search for Emiliana Sale aircraft, responded in his Witter account for the discovery of the remains and resuming research by AAAIB: "Privately funded research involving Emiliano Sala's airplane, with the consent of the Sala family, to be closely coordinated with AAIB's research efforts, and the two vessels will jointly search for a certain area as safe, complete and efficient. "

15:57 – Full statement by AAIB after discovery of possible remains of Emiliana Sale aircraft

Here is the translation of AAIb's announcement, Wednesday, January 30, at 14:50: "Since we opened our security investigation on Tuesday, January 23, we collected evidence, such as theft, aircraft We worked closely with other international bodies and informed We are families involved in our progress. On Monday morning, January 28, the Investigation and Analysis Office (BEA) informed us that part of the seat cushion was found on the beach near Surtainville, on Cotentin Peninsula. The second pillow was found in the same area later in the dayOn the basis of a preliminary study we concluded that it is likely that the cushions are from the missing aircraft. From the moment we were notified of the disappearance of the aircraft, we investigated the possibility of underwater search for the wreck of the aircraft. Based on a detailed estimate of the flight path and the last known radar position, we have now identified the priority search area of ​​about four square nautical miles. Through the project team of the Ministry of Defense SALMO (Rescue and Maritime Operations), we have commissioned a specialized control boat for underwater seawater research to locate and identify possible debris from the aircraft. Because of the weather conditions we have to expect it right now Sea bottom research will start at the end of the weekend and last for up to three days, Side scan sonar equipment will be used to try to locate the wreck at the seabed. If a wreck is found, a remote controlled vehicle (ROV) will be used to visualize the wreckage. We are aware that private research is being conducted in this area as well, and we work closely with those involved to increase the chances of finding a wreck and ensure the safety of research. Our mandate is to conduct security investigations to determine the cause of the accident. We do not attribute a mistake or responsibility.

15:42 – Where's the city of Surtainville, the place to discover the remains?

The AAIB points out that the remains of the seats probably belonged to the aircraft carried by Emiliano Sala in Surtainville, France. This municipality, located in Manche, in the region of Normandy, is located about 75 kilometers, behind the sea, from Guernsey, where it was for a few days the Emiliana Sale family.

15:26 – Sala: AAIB launches its own research

Following the discovery of these two pillows likely to belong to a missing aircraft carried by Emiliana Salu, the AAIB (Air Accident Investigation Unit, the body responsible for air accident investigations in the United Kingdom). said she started her own research in collaboration with the Sala family to "increase" the chances of finding other remains.

15:21 – AAIB Explanation of Aircraft Remnants

The AFP quotes a Air Traffic Crash Investigator (#AAIB), which explains: "After a preliminary test, we concluded that the pads are likely to come from the missing aircraft," apparently the one in which Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson.

15:15 – The remains of the aircraft would be found in Surtainville

The Daily Mail reports the AAIB's (air traffic accident investigation department) statement, which explains this afternoon: "On Monday, January 28, the French security investigation authorities informed us that part of the pillow was found on the beach near Surainville, on the Cotentin Peninsula, the second pillow was found in the same area later on during the day, and after the previous review we concluded that it is likely that the pillows come from the missing aircraft. " This is a priori rest of the plane of Emiliana Sale.

15:10 – The pilot room and operations are restarted

The team announced that the British authorities announced on Wednesday that they would continue to search for an aircraft that carried Emiliana Salu and David Ibbotson pilot after they found in Normandy two seats that were "probably" covered by Emiliana Salu's airplane on Monday, 21 . January.

15:02 – Discovered remains of Salin Aircraft

Agence France Presse said a few minutes ago that the remains of the aircraft were found on French beaches and probably came from the Emiliana Sale aircraft. You can follow more information.

14:39 – State of Guernsey honors the work of rescuers

The Guernsey Interior Minister said this morning about the disappearance of the aircraft carrying Emiliana Salu and the research that followed: "I would like to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the pilot and his passengers It is hard to imagine the depth of their troubles (…) I would also like to thank emergency services staff and other agencies who have worked and continue to work in some regions, tirelessly to find a plane and people on the Coast Guard in Guernsey and Alderney, the Police, Canal Air Survey (…) have been working hard to tackle this incident , which has attracted considerable international media interest, although the end result does not look like the rescue teams reacted in the excellent way at the beginning (…) It is a tough and sad period, and I hope that today our gratitude will be paid to all those who are trying to locate a plane with two people on board. "

14:10 – Respect of Honor Sali was also broadcast on the FC Nantes website

FC Nantes, on its website, said it would propose broadcast Emiliana Sala live from Beaujoire during the match against Saint-Etienne. "Canal + will broadcast live the first 10 minutes of the evening match between Nantes and AS Saint-Etienne, allowing you to watch the pre-match and the start of this poster at 20:45," the press release said.

1:40 pm – An Outstanding Stadium to Honor Emilian Sali?

Nantes club supporters will be numerous at the club's nightly meeting, in honor of Emiliana Sale, during the match against Saint-Etienne, La Beaujoire. On Wednesday afternoon about 5,000 places have not been found yet. Almost 30,000 people should be at the stadium for this moment of communion.


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