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Alaïa and Tati: When luxury is carved into a vichy tile

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Exhibition at the Alaïa Gallery in Paris, dedicated to the collaboration of French-Tunisian fashion houses Azzedine Alaï and Tati on June 29th.

Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

An exhibition devoted to this unprecedented collaboration, created thanks to a neo-expressionist painter and US director Julian Schnabel, opens on Mondayst July at the Alaïa Gallery for a week of high fashion in Paris, which will see the 37th parade from Sunday, June 30th to Wednesday, July 3rd.

"There is something daring about the idea that luxury can be crammed into any media. If Azzedin Alaïi gave a tablecloth or a cloth, he would make an evening dress or a sexy dress. When we know how to cut, everything is possiblesaid fashion historian and curator of the exhibition Olivier Saillard, complaining that this expertise was no longer taught in fashion schools.

The great French-Tunisian fashion designer who died in November 2017.the first to collaborate with a very popular brand"at a time when neither Zara nor H & M were installed in France and the big sign"it can not be appreciated as a fashion brand".

motive "very Parisian"

The glass roof gallery of the Alaïa Gallery in the Marais district depicts Julian Schnabel's paintings painted on the Tati Tent.

Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

Highly publicized cooperation of Karla Lagerfeld with H & M, which advocates that the chic does not have to be expensive, will be held only in 2004.

The Alaïa glass roof gallery in Marais district depicts Julian Schnabel's paintings painted on Tati Tents with a large, recognizable pink-white hollow and a 27-inch eyebrow.overall appearance vichy"from Alaïe, including pants, swimsuits, corks, huts, suits and glasses."It was Schnabel who made him want to work on that subject. Azzedine did not have a marketing strategy, worked on topics, and that theme remained in the story"said Christoph Von Weyhe, painter and companion of Azzedine Alaïe."The models adopted him with great joy".

During his visit to Paris in 1990, Julian Schnabel discovered the print on Tati's trade and their slogan "Lowest prices' "I wanted to do a French + picture (…) This motif, associated with some popular quarters where life on the street was alive and lively, was something very Parisianhe remembers.

Successful series "Daddy's pictures"gives the designer an idea to do the same for his collection.

"In exchange, I agreed to draw a bag, t-shirt and sneaker for free. My jeans and meshes worked well, but they have nothing to do with great success with Tati's creations"Azzedine Alaïa said in 2004 in an interview for Libération.

The summer parade plinth in 1991 was marked by Tati, not Alai.

Daddy's wedding bag Elizabeth Taylor

The Alaïa house collection with this "vichy invasive and obsessive" was also cut off with the aesthetics of the moment and was immensely photographed.

Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

"The jacket jackets, anatomical jackets and bustiers from the golden age in the canvas shop are full of knowledge. Only those big ones can go there"says Olivier Saillard.

Collection for Alaïa's house with this oneinvasion and obsessive gingham"also cut aesthetics of the moment and immensely photographed."In the way the minimalist began to grow heavily, it was not funny, it was gray, beige or black"commented Olivier Saillard.

In 1991, a journal she he made a double page mixing Alaï's creations with Tati's clothes, and David Bowie posed in pink gingham shorts.

Another strong memory of Tati's era for Azzedine Alaïa is "model Bettina Graziani, invited to Elizabeth Taylor's wedding at Michael Jackson's California estate during which photographers still attacked his bag that was my creation for Tati".

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