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Amaral criticizes Ouattar's power and proclaims Gbagbo's return to power

Always loyal to his line, Amaral has just released a new title that seriously criticizes Ouattar's power. The unfulfilled promise of the regime for five years, he complains, finally convinced him that the power was "lying" in place. Disappointment to him that convinces him that Gbagbo is going to have to go back.

Artist Zouglou, enrolled in condemnation and awareness, Amaral expressed his disappointment over the powers of the commitments that would not have been retained. In one title, "They lied," Zouglouman spreads what he called the limits of power in place. "In front of me, they said that when they were in power, they would create a million jobs for the young, five universities in just five years." School and birth will be free, but it's been nearly five years since their promise is just zero, "can we listen to them in the first verse of this singing, the release of which is a big debate.

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Without wearing gloves, the creator of Zougloua claims to have "lied". To believe, "the appearance is good and true and the earth is beautiful, but we are hungry." For him, while firmly believing in the "solution and the priority will be to recruit young people and improve the lifestyle of Eugene," Amaral of Africa will regret what "unemployment remains our most trusted friend." Then you decide "we lied to us".

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More seriously, the artist admits that his disappointment at the time of "Refonders" will be less with the coming of power to "appearances". For ten years "appearances" will sell that illusion. Convinced that the government is in place, Amaral announces the return of the most famous prisoner. "It will come back, it must come back," he says, justifying that return will bring new dynamics to the country. "For unity in my country, in order to reconcile the Evorians, he will come back," he persists in the last verse of this song from 3min51.

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Compared to Soum Bill for his voice, Amaral is the author of two hit singles including "Take Away" and "Leave My Game". As part of a new generation of popular Zouglou artists, Amaral is often compared to Titty's reggae artist for his lyrics, which are often very critical of the ruling power.

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