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Arnaud de Courcelles new director of Equidia, Emeline Desmigneux on cloud – Stable noise


Here are Bernard Glassa's scenes for Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

Arnaud de Courcelles is the new director of Equidia

Replaces Laurent Elchinger, goes to RMC, and takes office for ten days. The journalist went through Canal + and L & # 39; Équipe, where he was responsible for the TV channel until last year. The same curriculum, so Cyrille Linette and two men work together to increase PMU's revenue by developing honeymoon and digital services in fashion.

Two reinforcements for Frank Nivarda

To comfort him because of his accident at the Grand Prix of America, two of Arqan's recent sales have just arrived at his stand as a good trainer. Specifically, there is the most expensive movie, Greenpace, a good three year old who is expected to hold the Roquepine Prize at Vincennes next weekend.

Gola trot on Saturday 9 February

It will be ahead of Prix de France. The winners in 2018 will be honored, as will JMB for 20th Golden Sulky. This is the new direction taken by the coaching union since Christian Bazire, his symbolic president, has not introduced.

Emeline Desmigneux on the cloud

I've already talked to you about a young 21-year-old rider who multiplies successes. She is far ahead of the challenge of a scientist and has a great opportunity to win a new race on Thursday, January 31, at the 8th Vincennes Prix de Calais event, with the goddess Carisaie. Do not ignore it.

Tiercé at 5 in Cagnes-sur-Mer on Wednesday, January 30th

With mea culpa, because I should have put 4 (hesitated), honored, in this Raub's Cape award. My favorite, Momour, finished sixth and last time, Max La Rogue, took the speed (8th). Absolutely continue.

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