Tuesday , March 2 2021

Back to Wade in Dakar: Karim ready to land …

Things will be more specific to Wade and we will go to politically agitated weeks in Senegal. Indeed, if in the Liberal Constants remains constant that Karim Wade will soon enter Senegal, it seems that many ignore the real reasons that strategically postpone this return.

Indeed, Dakaract holds from well-informed sources that Wade-son would not want to go back to Dakar empty-handed. Obviously, at the end of November / early December, there will be a great deal of noise with two court decisions that are supposed to be favorable and should be very soon.

The first decision should come from the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, which is about to meet in order to hear Mr Wade-son's complaint that he has terminated arbitrary detention. This commission, which works with non-governmental organizations (and in particular human rights organizations) that serves as the source of information, is a good thing to confirm the previously published opinion at this time. working group of the United Nations.

Another decision of the ECOWAS court is expected, which will call Karim Wade's appeal through his defense attorney to defeat for the indefinite election. This responded to the District Court's ruling pleading that he was unable to rule on the rejection of his candidacy for the next 2019 presidential election. Indeed, the General Election Department relied on Article 131 of the Election Complaint Code of the Electoral Code Karima on the list. This article states that "individuals convicted of a criminal offense, persons sentenced to imprisonment without a suspensive sentence or a suspended sentence of more than one month per year for one of the criminal offenses: theft, fraud, breach of trust, drug smuggling, embezzlement and seizure of public officials, corruption, trade in influence, counterfeiting. "

At this level, the hope of victory will be allowed because of the existence of court practice on the ground that has led to the rehabilitation of the politicians of the victim of "the same injustice" at home. The declared Pds candidate also provided services from the United Nations and non-governmental organizations to accompany him and to confirm whether these rights would be violated if he ever went to Senegal.


As Wade-son runs on his side, Wade's father will open the other side. Indeed, after deciding to boycott the Liberal Internationa summit in Dakar, just like most liberal opposition leaders like Idrissa Seck, Abdoulaye Wade will create a "surprise" in parallel by organizing an international counter-supporter on the subject of "the state of human rights in Senegal under Macky Sall"

This initiative should add fuel to the fire of several leagues from the next presidential election. Case to follow …

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