Bitcoins purchased briefly come to life and are worth millions of dollars

Everyone has already heard this story about Bitcoin. The saver has a hollow nose, buys a package at a discounted price, and then keeps his cryptocurrency under his elbow for years. So, a few hundred dollars invested turn into millions after so much time. And while the queen of virtual currencies is experiencing a dramatic decline, a similar story is revealed that includes as many as 791 BTC. As of this writing, the cryptocurrency is worth about $ 31,500. The person holding these Bitcoins therefore owns $ 24,916,500. But the most surprising is still the purchase price since the portfolio has been inactive for 9 years! After several years of sleep, Bitcoins are awakened.

791 BTC, that's a lot of millions ...
791 BTC, that’s a lot of millions … – Credit: Pixabay

The owner of the account bought these 791 BTC in 2012 while the price was between $ 5 and $ 15. The added value is therefore huge and the awakening of this portfolio after so much time of inactivity has challenged many Internet users. We also know where those Bitcoins went: 100 BTC was transferred to addresses, 9.99 BTC to Free Software Foundation and 9.99 BTS to the American Institute for Economic Research. Usually, inactive Bitcoins are considered lost forever. But in this case, it seems that the lucky owner still has access to access this wealth in Bitcoins.

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