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Bob Dylan, a stone that rolls beautifully in Paris

"Good Night": Smiles were set to release at Grand Rex on Thursday night in Paris, for the first of three concerts in France, the legend of Bob Dylan, still mutique on the stage, but who sometimes did spend some queens.

With "Zimmom", which lasts 31 years and runs "Neverending tour", it's easy: either we join or reject. A rare artist in the national team was so divided.

Particularly with his huge repertoire, his many classics, Dylan can not all be interpreted first and therefore satisfy all fans. Then his approach is often re-reviewed and revised so that the audience may be disappointed not to hear the original versions when they sometimes do not even recognize them.

With Dylan, take it or leave it. Just like the absence of spoken words to the public, say "halo", "thank you" or "goodbye". In almost two hours of the concert, we barely saw the exchange with four musicians.

As far as the songs are concerned, 11 out of 21 are among the most recent ones written by Time Out of Mind (1997), "Love and Theft" (2001), "Modern Times" (2006). ) and "Storm" (2012). The remaining space provided by tubes in the 60s and 70s has therefore been reduced.

– Keeping Jagger –

But the fact is that Dylan's voice in the nose has become increasingly rough with years, soon there will be 78, and concerts. And he will certainly struggle to continue some of his early years, unlike those of the last twenty years recorded with his current vocal abilities.

Some also offered nice moments. Such "things have changed", dating from the year 2000 and playing in the opening, as usual for six years, but which allowed the Nobel Prize for Literature (2016), stands on the piano and wears a silver jacket in order to well with their brands.

"Scarlet Town", the only Bob's stream on the stage, "Trying to get to the skies," where his discreet smile gave pleasure, and especially "Love Patient", whose rhythm reggae gained intense rock's justified their place.

Ray hits, "Highway 61 Revisited" more boogie than blues, "Thunder in the Mountain" is a very rock & roll game on which Dylan even dares Jaggerian stance, and "Think Think Twice It's All Right" downloaded to the piano and guitar, was delighted by the audience.

Probably more than "Blowin in the Wind", unrecognizable behind the violins and cello, and especially less than "Like a Rolling Stone", which came back in favor after five years of absence, in a completely deconstructed version without Hammond's organs but talk about breaking the hip-hop phrase.

Happy with his shot, Bob Dylan could have a naughty smile before he disappeared. If the fans are encouraged, they will return to play on Friday and Saturday and on a tour of Europe by July.

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