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Copa America – attacked on their performances, Messi defends: "This is not an excuse, but …"

Not very inspired since the start of Copa America, Leo Messi called the lawn at the dock.

Leo Messi has been quite perfect since the start of Copa America, often criticized by his critics about the gap between his level and his cards shown in the selection and those shown in the club.

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Faced with inequality in his performances between Catalonia and the selection and victory at the start of the competition, Messi was more fond of mentioning … lawns, who were very poor in his Copa America.

"It's not my best Copa America"

"It's not an excuse, but I'm struggling with the lawn situation, it's a shame, we are always sluggish, we can not handle the ball, it's a pity that in this tournament Lawns are so bad, but we have to adaptr, "said one man who some consider to be the best player in the world after winning Venezuela (2-0) on Friday.

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"It's not my best Copa America, it was a match I did not expect (…) It's hard. It's important that we win and we can continue on this tournament", also said La Pulga.

Recall, Argentinians will have to rub in Brazil, the host country of the competition, in the semifinals. The match in which Messi will have to wait:

"We have respect for Brazil, we know what Brazil means, they are the hosts, they have made an important match, where they have been running a lot against Paraguay, it is difficult to give Brazil favorites in the first place, especially in this Cup of America, but they are hosts. balanced match, as well as all the matches between Brazil and Argentina ", still an appreciated Argentine virtuoso.

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