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Denmark, lead series

Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen received the International Emmy Award, November 19, in New York.

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Last dear, In the name of the father, broadcast on the French-German channel Arte from Thursday, November 29, a new series by Adam Price, a screenwriter of praise Borgenwhich followed the political and personal suffering of an ambitious prime minister. A clever blend of exoticism and realism explains the appetite of globalized audiences for these early local and non-English series, says Pia Jensen, Aarhus Information Science Professor and Specialist Series.

For many years limited to the genre of police, the Danish series exploded internationally Killing, where we follow the investigations of the Copenhagen police detective. Since then he has passed the miniature Nordic Black, which is standardized and whose aesthetic is outside the Scandinavian limits in a series such as Shetland or Broadchurch, manufactured in the UK, explains Mme Jensen. For the public, Denmark, as shown on television, is "exotic society that will be sucked for the welfare state and strong female characters. "" It was as if Denmark was the parable of paradise " if she enjoys it. Paradoxically, in this almost ideal world, the characters are developing "normal"to which the public says it easily identifies, the researcher points out.

The paths of the Lord

Distributed in nearly 80 countries, In the name of the Father, explores the intricacy of the everyday life of the Danish pastoral family, dominated by the character of the volunteer and stormy father that many demons, Johannes Krogh. Lars Mikkelsen, who plays this pastor in his fifties and who has already played in Murder, has just been awarded the International Emmy Award. He also praised for his performance as Russian President in Zagreb House cardhe is, with that role "Created a new trouser for the main character in the TV series", is provided by creator Adam Price, a key figure in cultural creation in Denmark.

"Johannes is the tenth generation of the pastor: it is a huge burden that tortures him and leaves him bothered by the sons"The old, Christian, lost, was banned from banning, while the second, August, pastor as a father and married, conscientiously follows the family path until he becomes chaplain soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. "In the Bible there is a lot of stories about fathers, sons and brothers, that was a fertile ground for talking about male relationships, the genre of competition among people of the same family" Analysis of Mr Price.


We found In the name of the father part of the "Borgen" DNA: an effective politician Birgitte Nyborg shares with cacique Johannes Kroghom the passion for his work. "But Johannes reacts differently, because his ambition is not related to the political world, it is about supernatural power" note Adam Price. Reflection on religion and religion intertwines conscientiously separating the family matrix.

"Religion is sometimes something enforced, in the same way that authorities can impose on our children in the family " highlights the current scriptwriter Ragnarok for Netflix, a series of six episodes in which the throne of Norwegian mythology reincarnates as a teenager in the modern world. In the name of the father the second season is currently being broadcast on public TV DR, which has produced and brings together more than 500,000 viewers.

This 5.8 million-people country is proud of its reputation as a small and large screen innovator. "Danish producers mostly think of a Danish audience that they need to be relevant and therefore DR continues to experiment. Some batches will travel – and some will not, raise Mme Jensen.


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