Tuesday , May 18 2021

Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting explains his crazy gesture!

While the result was 1-1 between PSG and Strasbourg, tonight he drew attention to the Parc des Princes. Launched in the box on the right, Christopher Nkunka managed to avoid Matz Selsa's exit from a small dive. If Mitrović was too short in an attempt to save his goal, Choupo-Moting was on the door to halt the ball of his partner and saved Strasbourg before Martinez came clean! Examine the microphone Canal +Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting explained this unmistakable gesture.

"Actually, I did not know, I thought he would give me a pass and he shot. I thought the defender (Mitrović, Ed) would take the ball, I hesitated, for a moment I thought I was in the off, everything went very fast, finally touching the ball. Damn, I take Nkunku's ball, I'm sorry about it., tried to justify the Cameroon striker, the shooter at the opening of Paris's throat a few minutes before this incredible defeat. Blame whistled at his exit from the field when replaced by Mbappé, Cameroon did not hesitate to go to the mixed zone to talk about the game, and of course his mistake, while PSG could take advantage. this moment of the meeting.

Choupo-Moting stayed more than 30 minutes ahead of the media

– It's a little hard to explain. I saw pictures. I'm sorry that the ball came to Nkunku, that was supposed to be the goal. But at first I thought you could give me a pass. He's gone. I thought the defender would take him. I wanted to go to the ball and in the last moment thought she was not touching him. Going very fast, it may not be easy to understand, but it goes very fast! I thought maybe I was in the offensive and the ball came and I did not want to steal the goal. But I have a bad reflex, touch the ball and see that it stays on the line. (…) In the first intent, I thought the defender could touch the ball and wanted to touch the ball. I saw that he was not touching me and said to myself: I did not touch it anymore. I was already between two thoughts. And I touched the ball with a reflex », He said.

Although this wolf could undermine the morale of more than one player, the attacker could lower and accept this personal failure with a review. Perhaps he already noticed that his failure went through the net and entertained the football world. But he had the elegance to stay for several tens of minutes to talk about it again. How to evacuate frustration!

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