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For director Moonlighta, the black-and-white writers did not adapt enough to the movie

Two years ago, Barry Jenkins created a surprise with the "Moonlight" – a story about a black boy struggling for his homosexuality – crowned Oscar for the best film. He comes back withIf Beale Street could talk. adaptation of James Baldwin's novel, who talked about Tisha (KiKi Layne) and Fonny (Stephan James), a young black pair in Harlem in the seventies who will soon have a baby. But Fonny, a victim of a failure to make justice, was arrested and imprisoned, and Tish will fight for a long time to free him.

Amateur Baldwin

The film follows this young couple, recalling memories of their happy moments to better focus on the obstacles that their love has to overcome. "I've always loved James Baldwin"39-year-old director explained to some journalists that he wanted to"use the story of Tiš and Fonny, which is primarily a love story"talk about"much broader themes".

Baldwin neglected

If this novel, which was released in 1974, has already been adapted to Marseille Robert Guédiguian in the movie "On the Heart of the Heart" in 1998, the work of James Baldwin, a black American writer who spent most of his life in France, never did American filmmakers. "I do not think that black writers are customized at all as their white colleagues in the United StatesBarry Jenkins, who will also adapt to the Amazon's "Underground Railroad" by African-American writer Colson Whitehead.


"TThose Morrison, one of the greatest American novelists, has only adapted once, with the beloved " from Jonathan Demme in 1999, he continued. "But now I think, with what is happening in the cinema, especially in the American Black Cinema, it will drastically change".

Great years

For Barry Jenkins, 2018.a great year for cinema us"The American, with the success of the super-hero" Black Panther ", which has launched the black, number one on the global cash register last year with more than $ 1.3 billion in revenue.Many things have changed from "the triumph" of the moonlight"the director added, noting that"it's no surprise anymore"have a movie"black casting"That"the center of conversation' "For me it is most important that this change continues".

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