Tuesday , November 24 2020

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Lexie, George … What other key character will return in episode 4?

Season 17 of Gray’s Anatomy will bring the character back again, but who?

We recently told you that the return of another leading character has been announced in a promotional video for episode 4 of season 17 of Gray’s Anatomy, and until the episode in question airs, it’s time to wonder who it will be. Yes, seasonal premiere The Shonde Rhimes series shocked fans by bringing back Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), but now we know that he will not return alone. This means that Meredith’s health could continue to deteriorate, but other visitors could help her bring her back to life and not give up.

Meredith and Derek
Meredith and Derek – Credits: abc

Even if we’d love to see Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) again, it seems unlikely she’ll be back, because Meredith finds people she’s lost in her dreams. So we usually bet on the return of another important person for Meredith: her sisters Lexie (Chyler Leigh). The young woman died in a notorious plane crash that happened at Grey’s Anatomy a while ago, but we know her absence is still felt for many of the characters, especially Meredith. With her optimism and zest for life, Lexie could remind Meredith that she still has many reasons to live and that she’s not going to find Derek despite wanting to see him again.

Will Lexie be back with Meredith soon?
Will Lexie be back with Meredith soon? – Loans: abc

The other character we can see coming back is George. Very close to Meredith before her death, George had always been a thoughtful and present friend, and we already know that meeting him again would make him very happy. Finally, the third person who could appear while Meredith was between life and death is her mother Ellis.. Despite the complicated relationship between the two women, Ellis has always had a big impact on Meredith and she was obviously never afraid to tell him hard things. If Meredith needs to be reminded not to let herself die to find Derek, then her mother could do it. But while you wait to know who will actually return, find out why the coronavirus plots in Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy could have a huge impact in the United States.

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