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How to faithfully return Hugin to Guernsey …

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Hauteville's House, the home of Victor Hugo's exiled in Guernsey, was reopened yesterday after a year of work: a reconstruction tweezer that brings back the pedantic creativity of a writer who wanted another romance work.

The visitor's impressions in front of a narrow entrance overlooking the alley, narrow vestibules and staircases are not the luxurious residences such as the Arnaga's Edmond Rostand Cambo-les-Bains, rather than a cave full of tapestry and dark furniture. Gomila simbola i zagonetki. The brightness of the third floor, where the view from the glass, in the neighborhood of the modest room, contrasts with this darkness almost funeral. The writer worked there in front of the sea and was sleeping in a bed he slid into the company of the silver cross that the anticlerical believer held close to him. Winter garden, oak gallery, red salon and blue salon, panels of Chinese lacquer, colonnades and neo-gothic stalls, ceramics and ceramics, composed in a heterogeneous way. often painted, ornaments that exuded his powerful imagination.

In the presence of an Anglo-Norman island cleric whose Hauteville House is a lighthouse attraction, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, accompanied by many journalists and patron saints and Breton collector Françoise Pinault, celebrated on Friday the reopening of this villa of 1 150 m2 where the opponent of Napoleon III wrote between 1856 and 1870 several of his masterpieces. Along with the garden, the symbolic memory of Brexit era: Hugo was planted there in 1870 by the "Oak of the United States" … Hugo in Guernsey, this is a "story closely related to Paris," Anne Hidalgo said. In 1927, Hugo handed over Hauteville House to Paris, and he was manned, as did his house at the Place des Vosges, museums in Paris.

The rehabilitation and restoration project was made possible thanks to the EUR 3.5 million paid by the Breton Patron, while the museums in Paris provide 800,000 euros. The Heritage Foundation has raised 53,667 euros from 363 donors.

"Initially, our ambition was modest: we sealed the danging building that took water, especially because of the supplements (such as the view) created by Hugo and which created fragility," says Delphine Lévy, President of Paris-Musées, while rain and ice the wind floats on the island. "After the building was restored, we thought it was a chance to find the original decorations, and it was necessary to carry out scientific research, but the paintings were no longer visible, and the white wash in the 1950s was removed from the façade to return to the original gray patina. François Pinault asked us here: What is your dream? Give me a proposal. It was September 2017. We signed in April 2018, she says.

Hugo loved making ordinary items, redirecting them, putting them on legends, into what is a total work of art. Thus, on the second floor, it creates a luminaire symbolizing a rise to enlightenment. He wants a firewood from which he wants to raise gas from a curious candlestick. Labels such as "Nox, Mors, Lux" (night, death, light) or "Perge, surge" (stand up, stay up) speak of his obsession. For Gérard Audinet, Victor Hugo's Director of Home, Hauteville's House is a "writing house". "The sentences were erased, and it was necessary to rebuild them, find a job as it came out of his hand," he adds. More than 200 craftsmen were working on premises, on site or during a Parisian transfer. "Or photographs, drawings or descriptions in his letters: Hugo has been thinking all over for 10 years, "said Delphine Levy.

As journalists have seen how they are pushing through narrow corridors, visits – 20,000 a year before the reconstruction between April and September – represent the unresolved problem of keeping the objects in the way they should not. Do not damage it again. Therefore, only groups of ten tourists will now be visiting.


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