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how to get an electric bicycle bonus?

Softness on the shore. In order to encourage the French to use the means to move less pollution, the government, as well as the local authorities, have established a range of aids. Target? Give a small financial boost to the purchase of an electric bicycle, scooter or car. Unfortunately, the conditions for granting this aid vary depending on the type of vehicle purchased, the place of residence or the amount of income. While the aids for cars and electric scooters are fully integrated in the market and even offered by direct dealers, the bicycle does not have the same services. On the contrary, the mechanisms for getting ecological bonuses have become more complex.

How much help, who can benefit from it and how? Explain everything you need to know about an ecological bonus for electric bicycles.

Who can benefit from an ecological bonus for e-bikes?

To qualify for the ecological bonus, you must meet a few obvious conditions:

  • Being a major natural person
  • You bought a new VAE
  • I live in France
  • Allow non-payment of income in the year before purchase
  • Never before have you benefited from this help
  • The bike must abide by the limitations prescribed by road rules (forget the speedbike)
  • VAE should not be equipped with a lead battery

The last condition is also the most deadly:

  • Please justify the support you receive from the local government

Since January 2018 state aid has been conditional on the granting of local aid. In other words, if your town of residence is not dedicated to ecological transition, you should not hope for a national subsidy. This is a complete turnaround, since since the adoption of the Energy Transition Act in 2015, state aid was available to all. Finally, the last detail will oblige you not to resell your pedelec in the year after you buy it because you will have to return the received help.

Good news, however, a list of cities offering an ecological bonus for buying bicycles with electricity is growing: Paris, Nice, Nantes or Bordeaux do. Places such as Altermo identify local communities moving in that direction.

How much is this amount of help?

Before determining the ecological bonus calculation method for VAE, it should be noted that these two bonuses can be cumulated. On the other hand, national aid is limited. The maximum amount is 200 €. That amount is theoretically, since the grant is subject to other restrictive conditions:

  • The amount of national bonus can not be higher than the amount of local help.
  • The cumulative bonus of two allowances can not be more than 200 €.
  • The cumulative bonus of two allowances may not exceed 20% of the purchase price with the tax.

If you buy VAE 2000 € and your municipality grants you an environmental bonus of € 150, the amount of national aid must be calculated as follows:

2000 x 20% – 150 € = 100 €. You can theoretically require an additional € 100, but as the amount is limited to € 200, the ecological bonus state is € 50. They will be given 150 € of local assistance.

How and for whom to look for an ecological bonus?

If you meet all of the above criteria, you can take advantage of the ecological bonus for pedelec. Therefore your contact for this help will be ASP (agency services and payments).

Simply download, print and return the appropriate form within six months of purchasing an electric bicycle. Of course, we can not advise you too to keep a copy of this request or send it to you by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

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