Sunday , February 28 2021

Human Development Policy: Boun Dionne is bent on Pse

The Prime Minister yesterday found the platform for bragging the development model of the government of Macky Sall since 2012. It ensures that it is not complex to so-called more advanced countries in Senegal.

Prime Minister Mahammed Boun Abdallah does not like to receive lessons, even in a friendly manner. Undoubtedly focused on the aim of highlighting the policy of his government, he only supports criticism when it is positive. Attendees at yesterday's meeting sponsored by Eurogroup Consulting, Grant Thornton's Cabinet and the National School of Administration (Ena) had the opportunity to understand.
The topics of that day were about changing the public's influence for the emergence of Senegal. In the introductory speech, Grant Thornton Managing Partner Mansour Gaye gave Estonia an example of a successful public transformation model, including 99% of digitized public services and digitized IDs. , and the digital training of all senior officials. Moreover, Gaye adds, Estonia has even started to export its model, especially in Kenya, Nigeria and Oman, among others.
It is sufficient for Mahammed Boun Abdallah to forget his speech in the protocol. He improvised (?) Another speech, leaving, as I said, two remarks. The first is that it is "a digital means, not the end, one of the ways of logistics, we need to differentiate the state of mind, and if we develop an e-tax platform and no one pays taxes … How many people in the room pays property taxes?" arms (with two shy arms, including the former president of the Court of Auditors, Mr Guèye). It is a good opportunity for him to point out that good examples are not always found among those who most often talk about it.
And to return to Estonia for example, Mr. Dionne will notice that "the comparison is not right. Can I compare a continental economy, a billion or 400 million inhabitants, or a billion India, to Mauritius, the distance, when traveling, the top of the island, to the airport , in the south, is less than the Dakar-Thiès distance.Would we compare Estonia with its 300,000 inhabitants and 45,000 square kilometers in Nigeria we need to ask the right questions to find the right answers. "The prime minister will say that the Baltic is part of the Soviet Union , and now belongs to the European Union. So, "in countries that have completed their fixed capital construction, which have highways and everything that is needed in terms of energy and others, we do not have the same problems as ours."
It is therefore an interest for Senegal and Senegalese to be alone. "We also have a unique registration with ECOWAS personal ID, we have to put things in context, we have to congratulate the quality of our administration, these are the best ones going there, we have to stop saying we have a bad administration, I'm convinced they are good but we have to collectively re-examine our way of acting and our relationship with the state. "
This enabled him, after this introduction, the long-term development of the PSE, the "policy matrix" and its goals. And so nobody knows, Mr. Dionne strongly emphasized that "WHY is the first vision of the president of the Republic, who said that we have to separate the time of development from politics, for if we are every time we are in the phenomenon of learning and testing, we will not go out. So, we have to work for a long time, so target 2035. "
The prime minister has defended the various phases of the PSE and its variations, pointing out that they are well thought out to fulfill clear missions. Because the country, like all African states, has to create wealth to keep the forces at home. "When you export raw materials, export your youth's job, create a very nice cotton that you sell in Austria, and young Austrians will bring 10-fold more expensive for the Djezner. It's not the end but the means. "If you miss ports, airports, production paths, PM questions, how do you do it?
It is clear that the policy led by the government of Boun Abdallah Dionne, led by Macky Sall, is a good policy in all areas and produces tangible results whose players are very proud. Senegal advances in infrastructure, technical and intellectual training, or even where the government government recognizes some weaknesses. And Mr Dionne could not accept that models of models could be offered away from his reality. He said it violently, and was very pleased that he would not be contradicted in his presence.
The participants waited for the next debate to overcome some of its arguments. But he was no longer there to hear it.
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