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In honor of the memory of his late father: Old FARKA TOURE opens a live modern production studio bearing his name

The home of the late Ali Fark Toure served on Thursday September 12, 2019 for a ceremony that came as part of conducting activities that the celebrated deceased had undertaken throughout his career. He died at a time when, while still maturing in his ambition to carry more Malian music, his son had just several times transferred grammar to one of the regretteélécre's precious dreams. Old Farka Touré has just launched "Modern Live Studio" for young Malian artists.

To perpetuate the ideals of the late Ali Fark Toure as part of his promotion of Malian music, his son Vieux Fark Touré installed a "Live Modern Studio" for young people in the heart of Bamak. This live studio will record or create young musicians with musical instruments. It's about highlighting live music. This new music venue is being broken down as follows: 3 ultra-modern booths equipped with drums, congams, balafons, electric and bass guitars, N & # 39; goni, calabasas, and two other booths dedicated to singing and singing. mix. The instruments are traditional and modern. This new studio, named after the late Ali Farka Toure, will help young musicians in their careers. Creating this studio will cost just over 21 million FCFA from Old Fark's own resources TOURE. He finances everything, and especially wants to pay tribute to his late father, who owes everything to him. Also outside of Studio Live production, it also aims to promote the next generation internationally. Offer them music training, tuning techniques, and more. Here, too, one of the ambitions of the late Aly Fark TOURE, who trained several young artists and who strives for the best, is evoked. Finally, remember that for the success of the Vieux project, FARKA TOURE turned to a professional sound engineer, well known in the music world. Moreover, this man was accompanied by internationally renowned artists at the "Modern Live Studio" presentation, which ended with a press briefing and, above all, a short musical appearance by Vieux FARK in which he paid tribute to his father.

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