Monday , May 17 2021

In Royan, Sadaf Khadem will be the first Iranian to play an official boxing match

Sadaf Khadem left Iran to take on the challenge: to be the first Iranian to play the official boxing match.


In his country, a young woman, a fitness teacher in Tehran, must really hide to enter the ring.

Forbidden by women during the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the practice of this discipline has changed little since then.

Women have no right to train with men; those who go beyond this ban, they hide.

Former boxer Mahyar Monshipour, based in Poitiers, has made that fight possible. / © France 3 Poitou-Charentes
Former boxer Mahyar Monshipour, based in Poitiers, has made that fight possible. / © France 3 Poitou-Charentes

Boost Monshipoura

The idea of ​​this unseen event was born at the encounter with Sadaf with the Hungarian Monship; it was two years ago in Tehran.

The former world champion, who lived for a long time in Poitiers, organized training on the hills of the capital city where Saddam came.

The unique Iranian who has so far won the world title is not proud that he is "help Sadaf achieve his dream".

I will be the one who allowed the first Iranian boxing.

Sadaf Khadem wants to be the first Iranian official boxer
Report by F. Bombard, T. Chapuzot and T. Cormerais (associates: Sadaf Khadem-Jahaghi, Mahyar Monshipour, former WBA World Champion, Mélanie Mercier, Civray Boxer)

The one who is today the national technical advisor of the Ministry of Sport, located near the French boxing federation, could have obtained a visa visa and a boxing license for Hexagon.

Teheran Veto

Despite the great glory in his homeland, he did not allow Iran to travel as an athlete. The sport ministry vetoed. Whatever, the fight will take place.

Since the date is fixed – April 13 in Royan (see in France 3 read below– Sadaf Khadem tries to advance in the ring with Mahyar Monshipoura's advice.

"I'd be lying if I said I did not care she admits, "so I'm trying to focus on the event to get it done".

Whatever the outcome of an encounter with her opponent, a young woman has already won the first victory: to improve the target of women in Iran.

© F3 NoA
© F3 NoA

Exclusive France 3 NoA

Saturday, April 13 at 20:30
Sadef Khadem and Anne Chauvin

This event will be live and exclusively on the France 3 NoA digital channel.

The meeting will also be broadcast on Facebook live on France 3 Aquitaine, France 3 Limousin and France 3 Poitou-Charentes.

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