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Keblack with Nazam za video "Voyou" [VIDEOCLIP]

Published November 12, 2018 at 16h43 RomaneDvl

An episode in the vein of the famous duet …

Keblack with a video call

Last May, Keblack discovered Apartment 105, his second album he managed to celebrate First floor, The project is very well received by the audience, once again and continues to display some of its extracts. This time, this is choker which offers a good visual display.

Keblack tells his daily killer

Several months after the release, Keblack's second album continues to be celebrated in the pictures. Today is choker, the fifteenth title of the project, which is translated into a dark clip where the cars are at the meeting. At night, Keblack is surrounded by some addicts, but especially his team and his teammate Nazi for some car driving.

The guard was dirty, I have to find a little text / Buyer did not pay. I have to find his address. And while I manage, I'm typing on my jacket. They deal with me, but I know they hate me

"Apartment 105" is always available

We are presenting in the French Crab for more than three years, Keblack will respect his status as a rookie to become the real boss of rap play. In 2017 he released his first album titled " First floor, worn with large pipes such as Bazardée. Walou with Low, case with Naza and Mister You or It looks like me. May 11, the rapper and singer signed on the independent label Bomayé Music have returned Apartment 105, the new project has compiled this time of 29 titles, no less! Particularly massive achievements that we inevitably find Youssoupha, his assistant Naza, Fianso or the promising young rookie Yaro, With always responsive audiences and always proven productivity, Keblack will likely return for a few months to release a new album …

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