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Kvinta from Wednesday 10/04: 3rd stage of GNT in Lyon – La Soie

Kvinta from Wednesday 10/04: 3rd stage of GNT in Lyon – La Soie

Center for Middle East France for the Third Floor of the GNT 2019 (Group III – National Race – Hitched – 85,000 € – 3,250 meters – Hard Track – Right Ride – 1st Race at 13:00) at the Lyon La Silk Racecourse. Reserved for horses from 5 to 10 years with a drop of 25 meters to 286,000 € and 50 meters to 464,000 €, but no competitor has achieved a challenge at this level. Colt des Essarts (6 – F. Lagadeuc) can be successfully linked.

The author of an excellent winter meeting, Colt des Essarts (6 – F. Lagadeuc) he also passed a new one
during that period. Prepared for this 3th GNT stage, where
reveals a very good commitment to the first level, the protégés Lagadeuc family can enjoy
return to victory after his 4th got a place in Lisieux
March 16.

Also well-engaged on the first level, the youngest
this test, Eclipse Danica (7 – P. Vercruysse) also has a nice playing card. It had a great winter
best of his promotion. At the end of a good journey, its a terrible point
Final speed can allow all to agree.

Another priority is Atomov Cyriel (5 – E. Raffin), He remains on his 5thth place in 1era GNT Stage at Amiens on March 6. Since then it has
he regularly tells us Aimé
De Grave
, They will have to have a lot of freshness and find Eric Raffin, with which he agrees
miracle (82% of success).

At 25 meters, the most dangerous will be Ceylan Dairpet (12 T. Beller) and Calin de Morge (13 – F. Nivard).

Ceylan Dairpet (12) stays on 7th Place du Prix du Bois
Vincennes on March 23. On that occasion he returned to school. Let's listen Tony Le Beller : "After a great 2018 he had
right to vacation this winter. The vacation was beneficial to him since he performed
return full of promise lately. He also came back
second place in the GNT final. He is a great boy and boy
This step is the goal. He had already won by leaving. I'm not going
not in Lyon to pick strawberries! "
His opponents are therefore

Calin de Morge (13 –
F. Nivard)
is good this winter in Vincennes, but returns to the profile
a dish that will play in his favor this Wednesday. Indeed, in three attempts
this Lyon-La Soie hippie, protected from
David Haon
once imposed and took access (67% of
success). It's piloted again Franck
, who knows him at the end of the hoof (93% of success), too
it should end in the winning combination of this quintet.

Attention also beach
Julry (8 – J.P. Gauvin)
, a very brave bonnet that repeats
tirelessly his good value. He was a good leader in this race
she knows well, she can go alone with the train
very far.

Finally, let's not forget the candidacy Blues Landiera (11 – D. Chéradame) who
this will disprove 99th race of his career!
Keep in mind that this time this will be déferré posterior
configuration, it was often successful (60%).

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Field Reduced at Multi 6: 6 – 7 – 5 – 12 – 13 – X / 1 – 3 – 8 – 4 – 10 – 11

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