Thursday , January 28 2021

Lion's Club is committed to equipping and training its staff

They joined more than one organization with free masonry, members of the Lion's Club went out on Saturday, November 10, 2018, to silence themselves to enlighten the Senegalese lantern.
"Free masonry is a philosophical organization, unlike Lion's club, a philanthropic organization, a nonprofit charity organization consisting of men and women from all walks of life, without distinction in religion, race or religion, political or philosophical affiliation. as a free man, we have a choice of our beliefs and put our abilities, our time and our money in the service of the poorest, "said the chairman of this structure, Jean Adédiran. The meeting with journalists was admitted this morning at a meeting of the Governing Council, representing 21 countries in West and Central Africa.

At the Senegalese level, he said, "Lions operate in several areas of intervention, especially in education and health, and one of the leading projects we now have is building a rehabilitation center at the Fann hospital center. Consignations wants to integrate this project into PSE This large center will be built with state support to infrastructure financing, and Lions will provide equipment and staff training.

In connection with this meeting, which gathered the leaders of this organization, Mr. Adédiran stated that this meeting was "to call for balance to come naturally". And that's the opportunity to "investigate all that has been done in these circles." Currently, there are 5. 5 governors in activity reporting. "We are an organization that is in pure volunteer work." It was created 101 years ago. The first axis has been a long time of blindness, and today, in addition to this pathology, we are fighting against diabetes in order to relieve world hunger, childhood cancer, and the environment, "he said.

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