Tuesday , January 19 2021

Manchester City made a show against Manchester United – Foot

In the demonstration, the city dominated the Sunday derby (3-1). Without victory, the leader is twelve points ahead of United, disappointing without Pogbe.

MANCHESTER (ANG) – Two Manchester United teams opposed yesterday, but did not practice the same sport, and we should not rely on the score to estimate their level of level, as reflected more than twelve points in advance that morning to his neighbor. The stunning, unmanaged leader of the Premier League has a technical mastery, tactics, faster and better than the rest, but United has the heart and turned the last games, Bournemouth (2-1) and Torino (2 1). His resilience was nourishing hope. He did not resist the first minutes, transformed into Calvary's Fernandinho laser passages that determined the influence of Bernard and David Silva.

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