Thursday , July 18 2019
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Mansour Faye invites fishermen to abide by established rules

While attending the international book fair currently being held in the northern region, Saint-Louis Mayor, Mansour Faye was arrested by the local press on breaking and merging pirogs that took place this morning at the St. Louisa, reported three missing and several wounded.
According to the minister, the fishermen would have benefited from the respect of instructions so that such a situation would not be repeated. "I appeal to our fishermen's parents to respect the established rules. There are instructions given, and I think it would be better to follow these instructions so that such situations would not be repeated," says the chief judge from Saint Louis.
However, the Mayor assures that the crossing of the mouth will begin in a short time. "The president yesterday at a government meeting made the case.
The work will be urgent. Experts have already visited the injury. And in a couple of weeks, they will be covering the lining and marking the gap, "she assured her.
In addition, the Mayor presents condolences to families who are sorrowed and begs that such situations no longer occur …

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