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Marseille leads the Frankfurt – Dbrief and NOTES players (Eintracht 4-0 OM) – Football

Dj limin of the European League, Olympique Marseille on Thursday took the water on the lawn Eintracht Frankfurt (4-0). While they had the opportunity to save their honor, people of Rudi Garcia did the opposite, giving preference to the limitation of eligibility.

Marseille takes rust

Luiz Gustavo has scored the goal.

It was thought that Olympique de Marseille, already limin, has already reached the bottom of this Europa League. People of Rudi Garcic have shown that they can dig deeper …

In Frankfurt, the unfortunate finalist of the last edition, who presented without many leaders, could avoid defeat against Eintracht (4-0) this Thursday. Monumental rust that can leave a trace between the Marseilles, the last of the group H.

The goal is geg Luiz Gustavo

56 seconds is the time for the Germans to find fault. The result after the decision of Pel, ahead of Gacinovic, Jovic found the roof window in one stroke (1-0, 1). The remarkable atmosphere of Commerzbank-Arena was overwhelmed by a nightmare for men Rudi Garcia. Evidence that Phocens was not there, Luiz Gustavo scored a surprisingly surprising Pel on his return (2-0, 17). Awesome …

The addition could have been more dirty without Jovic's rat in the next few minutes, and then three more options for Russ, Tawathe and Gacinovic. In the collapse of Marseille, only Radonjic gave the impression that he could make a difference. But it was too shy to shake the perfect defensive German defense. Trapp had a very, very quiet evening …

Sarr also goes there …

It was necessary to wait for the return of the dressing room to see the goalkeeper prepared by PSG, the author of the beautiful horizontal front of Radonjica. While the players in Frankfurt have not pushed more than one, they could count on Marseille's support to settle the bill. In the center of Da Costa, this time is Sarr who inadvertently beat Pel (3-0, 62). The club beat, followed by another one after the full Jović finals (4-0, 67e).

In the last quarter of an hour, Frankfurt is a loosening treble. This left the opportunity for Marseille to approach Trappa's goal without being in danger, except for Luiz Gustava's free kick. Nightmare for OM, last in group H, who will quickly escape to Ligue 1 …

Match note: 5,5 / 10

Dust. So they separated the two teams tonight. The Germans, if they were more of a killer, could even lead with 5 goals in the basket after 25 minutes of the game. More than the content of the match, correct, but nothing more, we will remember the extraordinary atmosphere of Commerzbank-Arena, where home fans did not stop singing the first in the last minute.


– Germans play a quick right angle. Gacinovic is easily released from Lopez, and with a Polish strike, back from Pel. Unfortunately, Jović does not pray and sends a big blow into the left corner left (1-0, 1).

– pressure Fernandes and Haller Luiz Gustavo panic and returns the ball back to Pel. Problem, goalkeeper Marseille was not in his goal and could prevent him from crossing the line (2-0, 17).

– Right, Gacinovic is driving Da Costa, the border of capture. The right side raised his head and lowered Sarr's pressure to make his way to the right, trying to free the ball from the corner (3-0, 62).

"At a long hole, Haller takes the air in Hubocan. Jovani, Jovica went deep in front of Rolando and Pelova, who hit the right ball (4-0, 67).

NOTES to the player

Maxifoot gave a rating (of 10) to each player.

Man Meeting: Luka Jovic (8/10)

Very big match of the Serbian striker. Oportunist, idol Frankfurta found fault in the 56th second on a laugh of silence. He has been trying to get opportunities like foxes. After a short break, the shot went wide. Class, replace 79 minutes Nicolai Mller (no ne).


Kevin Trapp (6): The goalkeeper prepared by PSG does not want to lose against OM. Tonight, German dismissed two strikes by Radonjic and Luiza Gustava. Nothing more.

Danny Da Costa (6.5): The right side was doing the job. He did not have to strive to keep the shameful offensive from his side. Keep in mind his decisively overcooked goal against his Sarr camp.

Marco Russ (7.5): sacred party book of German captain. Not only was it easy to paint the attackers of Marseille, but also allowed many of the grasshoppers to sometimes shrill without opposition to the enemy defense.

Simon Falette (6.5): a player who goes through Metz often did not have the chance to overcome OM. Tonight, the central defender seriously calmed the Germain and Mitrogloues. On level.

Jetro Willems (7.5): Great Match of the Netherlands. Defensively helpless, he routinely brought danger to his girders. Elevation service for the left side that has caused high risk.

Makoto Hasebe (7): a very serious Japanese game. It stands out with a luxurious deep hole for Jovic in the first period, which is not far from 3-0. He was defensively doing his job well.

Gelson Fernandes (6.5): The high performance of the Swiss midfielder. His constant pressure put his opponents in trouble, including Luiz Gustavo, who had earlier scored in the game.

Taleb Tawatha (6.5): Israoena's wing caused great problems on the Marseilles side. Sharp and sharp, was the origin of many hot situations in Frankfurt tonight. Replaces 65 minutes to Filip Kostić (no no).

Mijat Gacinović (7.5): The attacking midfielder was good or very good. His large ball in smooth circles kills the Marseilles who have never known how to stop him. He missed a small goal to reward him for the election service.

Luka Jović (8): read the above comment.

Sbastien Haller (7): only a small French goal missed. Overall, the attacker went through Auxerre in order to match well, including the bout of Luiz Gustavo. It offers the decisive passage of Jovic in the second period thanks to the beautiful departure of the head. 72 minutes rescinds Ante Rebić (no ne).


Yohann Pel (3): Mandanda's substitution may be blamed. More often, during the first period, he multiplied the parades, especially in front of Gacinovic. But his very suspicious strike against his side Luiz Gustavo will give him a great deal of regret. Double from Jovic, he misses eternity to intervene in time.

Toms Hubocan (2.5): We better understand why we see so little Slovakia … Every time he got into one, the versatile defender, right-handed, was defeated. On the fourth goal, Haller is eating in the air. We're not sure we'll see it again …

Boubacar Chamber (3): meeting some sorts. Without a leader on his side, Minot was very, very average. He has no discernment about reading the opposite passages. Comparing images of his last trips to C3 …

Duje Caleta-Car (2): catastrophic. Slowly, not focused enough, the Croatian once again missed a great opportunity to redeem after an early seasonal rat. On the third goal, his position is too high, and his soft intervention perfectly reflects his early Marseille adventure.

Jordan Amavi (2.5): Street. Cruel, the left side did not exist. Defensively, he suffered German waves without finding any solutions. New is terribly well.

Bouna Sarr (3): The right side was the only one who was willing to do good with many interesting technical gestures. But after the break, he hit his side quite unmistakably, which made his team a little more complicated. Replace 80 minutes Christopher Rocchia (no ne).

Maxime Lopez (3.5): Very good Amiens, young Marseillais has returned to their shame. The gunner came out of the way with the lack of combat on Gacinovic's hole leading to Jovic's opening. On the offensive side, we did not see it. Changes 61 minutes to Rolando (no ne).

Luiz Gustavo (1.5): Green from the beginning of the season, the middle is the least sure one thing: it will not fall below. It is not at the right time, it can not compensate for the block, the Brazilian has led his team to score against the banal side. Lively, tonight's a lot of fun.

Nemanja Radonjic (4,5): the least bad Marseillais on the lawn. The Serb was the only one who brought danger to the left. Unfortunately, he could not do much with the partners who raised him and behind him …

Valre Germain (3): available, the French striker lacks success at several attempts. Finally, frustrating performance, very often since his arrival in Marseille. Not enough to convince him … Replaces the 65th minute Florian Chabrolle (no ne).

Konstantinos Mitroglou (2.5): completely takes over. It was a little bit seen in the first period, he managed to have a great chance of returning from the locker room and completely missed his return. Greek through this game as a ghost.

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EINTRACHT FRANKFURT 4-0 MARSEILLE (middle tps: 2-0) – EUROPA LEAGUE – Group H (Marseille) / 5th day
Stadium: Commerzbank-Arena – Referee: John Beaton

Goals : L. Jović (1) Luiz Gustavo (17, Csc) B. Sarr (62, Csc) L. Jović (67th) for EINTRACHT FRANKFURT
warning : G. Fernandes (33). F. Kostic (90th), for EINTRACHT FRANKFURT – Luiz Gustavo (71), for MARSEILLE

EINTRACHT FRANKFURT : K. TrappMr. Russ. Mr. Fernandes. J. WillemsD. da Costa. Mr. Hasebe. S. Falette. T. Tawatha (F. Kostić, 64)G. GacinovićL. Jović (N. Mller, 80). S. Haller (A.Rebić, 73)

MARSEILLE : Y. PelT. Hubocan. B. Chamber. D. Caleta-Car. J. AmaviB. Sarr (C. Rocchia, 80). G. Lopez (Rolando, 61). Luiz Gustavo. N. RadonjićV. Germain (F. Chabrolle, 64). K. Mitroglou

Rude atmosphere of Frankfurt …

Radonjić, the only Marseillais who brought danger

Luiz Gustavo, the speaker on his side (17th), had one of the worst games in his career

Jović, the author of the double (1st, 67th), ft of his partners

Pel tries to comfort Sarr, the shooter on his side (62)

VIDEO: Luiz Gustavo's goalkeeper against his dam (2-0, 17)

VIDEO: Sarr also scored on his side … (3-0, 67)

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