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Me El Hadj Diouf in beautiful sheets …

21.10.19 at 22:13

While he yells all over the rooftops that Ousmane Sonko is a thief, Me El Hadji Diouf has been caught in a case of embezzlement that dates from May 2019. Today, his brother Sheikh Kane Fall's lawyers have filed three embezzlement complaints.

Well-known lawyer Me El Hadji Diouf is in trouble over a case of fraudulent inheritance by a man named Papis Diatta. Indeed, the latter linked the services of Me Diouf through his brother, Sheikh Kane Fall. The black dress imposed 20% of the FCFA 200 million inheritance in exchange for his help. What would be concluded at the beginning of the collaboration, informs Senenews.

Papis Diatta, the successor of Patrick Jean Emil Girault, gave me El El Hadji Diouf's power of attorney to repay the funds. In short, Me El Hadji Diouf's main mission was to transfer money from BNP Paribas Bank to his account. And once in Dakar, a lawyer had to return the proceeds to the procurator.

Me El Hadji Diouf's complaint for defamation

It was from this stage of the case that problems began. Me El Hadji Diouf ”flatly refused to give money to Papa Diatti. He went so far as to threaten and insult him, ”said Shaykh Kane Fall, the lawyer’s brother.

Calling on the TV, Sheikh Kane Fall who worked with Me El Hadj Diouf in his office as a clerk threw a bomb. Because he was the one who connected Papis Diatta with his brother Me Diouf, he ran the fight. A few days after the announcement of this affair in all media, Me El Hadji Diouf filed a complaint against his brother for defamation in Colobane's research section.

Three complaints against Me Diouf

Tonight the gendarmerie called Cheikh Kane Falls again to offer evidence to defend its remarks in the case of the fraudulent 200 million FCFA legacy of Papis Diatta. At the same time, Sheikh councilors Kane Fall and Papis Diatta filed three complaints of embezzlement with the president (…).

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