Thursday , May 6 2021

Microsoft partners with OpenClassrooms to create online training for AI


The French company OpenClassrooms announced a partnership with Microsoft. This agreement will create a new online training program that will train the talents of tomorrow's artificial intelligence. One way to meet the growing needs of businesses in this area.

You may have known a few years ago a platform named "The Place of No Name". Its initial principle was to offer free online courses on topics such as web site design or programming. The successes of the early 2000s allowed the founders to start the startup, who will eventually get their nameOpenClassrooms 2013. The arrival, several years later, of the first degrees recognized by the state.

Bridging the lack of AI talent

For some time, the platform has established partnerships with companies, in particular to facilitate the professional integration of their students. And this week, that's it Microsoft who decided to join forces with OpenClassroom. The aim of this cooperation: design a a completely online training devoted to artificial intelligence.

Because this area represents a real imbalance between supply and demand. Companies that are increasingly looking for experts in this area are often faced with a lack of talent, Microsoft and OpenClassrooms will therefore collaborate in creating training programs that will lead to a master's degree in AI.

Satisfied or restored

Both companies want to hire 1,000 studentsfrom France, Great Britain and the United States. And if a diploma has just been awarded in France, OpenClassrooms hope they will soon be accredited to the other two countries.

However, it should be noted that there is no obligation to join the program to join Microsoft after that. The American company will certainly open its doors to those who want to join the teams, but everyone will be free to choose their own way.

And in general, the online training platform is convinced that prospective students will not have a problem getting a job. So much so that she is also devoted to pay those who did not find a job within six months of the end of the course.

Source: TechCrunch

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