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Migros DNA News Newsletter

Gottlieb Duttweiler, was a small revolutionary. He made life easier for people. Before Migros did, we went to the store and asked for Flour for as much money as we had in the pocket. The salesman tried to go, put it in a bag and jumped out of the chest. He draws money, immediately noticed the salesman and caught the surprise in the work at kleinbürgerliches, sometimes embarrassed to talk. "Dutti," on the other hand, tried and packed his Rob a priori. 200 grams of flour, 500 grams of sugar, yogurt in a cup. It was sold more than the Migros by a round-the-clock car. It was efficient and modern.

These Migros, Anecdotes, and Earlier Say Older. Let gratitude still hesitate. This is Migros, DNA, Society to this day.

Thursday, announced Migros, while Scoop: M-Way, Depot, Interio, and especially the Globe have to be sold. On Friday, the fitness center M-Fit and the Chickeria Chicken-Restaurant restaurant will be available. Motivation? They do not match Migros DNA. The leader of Migros, Fabrice Zumbrunnen, has spoken on several occasions. They were also more successful. We are looking at the attention now, Managerfloskel-Alarm – the "best owner".

So what is the spirit of Migros? When to adapt to society, family and when can you be attacked? We take a company like M-Way. Electric bikes are sold mostly online. Sustainable Product in the Future Market. This is not for Migros? Or Globe Pieces. More than 20 years, Migros Store of Possession.

in Clear: Cher, the picture is not what a cooperative is looking for. But the most profitable part of the planet is to taste the specialties of the division. Migros continues with "Selection" on Edeleigenmarke. And merit, thanks to the margin of good money.

Savings in retail trade has become difficult, yes, without mercy. Who did not get the version, he dies. Because, it is legitimate that Migros on the Books, even if, as a Cooperative has no profit to shareholders, has to pay.

You've already guessed, if today, the Diskroso Migros, DNA, is no longer a question at the time, like Migros, the Life of the Facility. In order to be profitable Globe or Interio, you would of course adapt to Migros DNA, Fabrice Zumbrunnen said on Thursday.

It's about something else: Survival. Everything else is chattering.

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