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Mobile payment encourages Chinese tourists abroad to spend more

According to a new study, Chinese travelers spend more money than ever while traveling overseas and 60% of visitors in Europe believe mobile payment is their first choice.

The Nielsen and Alipay report, titled "Trends in Chinese Mobile Payments on Outbound Travels in 2018", showed that the average budget for Chinese tourists traveling abroad rose to more than $ 6,026 per person in 2018. In addition, around 69% of tourists used mobile payments abroad, which is 4% more than in the previous year.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, more than 147 million Chinese tourists traveled abroad in 2017 and spent a total of $ 220 billion.

Such amounts offer marketers and tourist attractions a great opportunity to take advantage of this increased consumption. WeChat Pay, the leading mobile payment provider in China, developed by Tencent, recently partnered with the Le BHV Marais, a Parisian commodity company, as part of its efforts to help European companies connect with Chinese tourists. BHC Marais WeChat Pay users have access to a variety of personalized products and services, including a passing boutique that celebrates the Chinese New Year.

"Smart Solutions with WeChat Pay in the base are delivered to millions of offline stores in more than 30 industries in China and are common in the daily lives of users," said Li Peiku, president of WeChat Pay International Business. , – Many Chinese have long used to go out without a wallet. Together with our global partners, we hope to extend the practical experience of WeChat Pay abroad to enable international companies to share the dividends of a growing foreign travel market from China, "he added.

Aja Godais, director of customer service and international development at BHV Marais, described the partnership as "a situation in which everyone gets, because the implementation of this recent initiative will surely increase the visibility of BHV among Chinese customers. gets visibility with French brands.

Of the 2,806 Chinese tourists participating in the survey, 93% said it would likely increase their spending if the mobile payment was accepted broader. Likewise, almost 60% of surveyed foreign traders who have adopted Alipay reported that they had experienced growth in revenue and revenue after the introduction of their mobile payment systems. 58% said that their pedestrian traffic increased, and 56% reported improved sales.

Yan Hong, a business woman from Beijing in Paris, said she would prefer to use Alipay or WeChat Pay when shopping in Europe. "I think I'm working out of habit, because when I'm in China, I mostly use a mobile payment application," she said. "I'm sure mobile payments are likely to increase my costs because I usually have a limited amount of local currency when I'm abroad."

For their part, industry experts believe that understanding the habits and preferences of Chinese tourists is key to European traders if they want to take advantage of the opportunity they represent.

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