Tuesday , May 18 2021

New Government: "New Moment, New Faces" (PM)

The new government, whose list was published Sunday night, symbolizes a "new momentum" with more women and young people compared to the previous team, Prime Minister Mahammad Boun Abdallah Dionne said.

All in all, "this is a new impetus, with new faces, more women, more young people," he told reporters just before the release of the government's list of 32 ministers and 3 state secretaries.

"This is the new government because fifty percent, half of its members, or 50% of ministers, is new," he insisted.

The head of government recalled that women's participation, for example, in the previous government "by 20%", but "today, with a government-denominated decree, it is 25% of the members of the government that are women".

That is, the average age of the government is "significantly reduced", not to mention the "tightening" of his workforce, taking into account territorial justice and geographical equilibrium.

The staff of the previous government were "39 ministers and deputy ministers, today it is the 32 ministers who manage the portfolios, departments and will monitor them in the implementation of public policies by the three state secretaries."

According to Mahammad Boun Abdallah Dionne, "this is the first time that the fourteen Senegalese regions in the Council of Ministers will have representatives, at least one representative per region."

"The president of the state has decided so permanently, the pulse of the Senegalese people, the voice of all the regions within their major reform process through the third act of decentralization in particular."

The new team is "a candidate for a candidate program that the president of the Republic wishes to implement precisely through the sections related to major major initiatives announced through his program and proposed to the Senegalese and confirmed by the vote of the sovereign nation", concluded the prime minister.

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