Tuesday , January 26 2021

November 30, the deadline for stricter

The warning is from the National Alliance of Consumers of Senegal (UNCS) about the main administrative measure whose inevitable application is " it will cause a great disruption and create distress invaluable ". This is the decision that the old scanning national charts, still in circulation, reach the deadline of 30 November 2018.

Therefore, Uncs warns that any citizen who will digitize a national identity card (an old card) for sending or withdrawing money to financial institutions (bank, post office, micro finance establishment) or Sonatel (for identification) etc., refuses the requested service, without further obtaining, warns Uncs in a statement received at Seneweb.

Therefore, it is explicitly demanded that all citizens, especially those from the most disadvantaged social classes, who are most vulnerable, adhere as soon as possible to register with police stations and police stations in their localities, avoid the inconvenience they may encounter since November 30, 2018, if they do not have a new Cedeao biometric ID.

However, regardless of possible harm to citizens who are unaware of this measure, the UNCS requires the Ministry of the Interior to investigate due to its low circulation the possibility of providing extra extensions whose duration will be repaired from the date of the payment that was entered for the new card and which appears on the certificate …


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