Monday , April 19 2021

Ousmane Sonko briefly responds to Moustapha Cissé Lo!

As part of its national tour, Pastef's chief coach held a congress on Sunday in Nioro. In his speech, he responded indirectly to Moustapha Cissé Lo, who in Sen Jotay's Sen TV program said "he did not have enough money to win in Senegal".

"To be rich or to distribute money should not be a criterion for the election of the president of the republic. Senegalese citizens must give priority to the program, knowledge and moral integrity of each candidate," he said.

By pushing the point, Ousmane Sonko was mocking President Macky Sall, at the same time emphasizing Senegalese's responsibility: "How did you choose a tenant who became a billionaire after a few years in the government? Everyone who voted for the beautiful eyes of this gentleman is also responsible."

Remember that in spite of the full-day workload in Nior, the leader of the activist waited until late at night.

For advice: Here are words Cissé Lo Sonko replied
ECOWAS's Parliament Speaker was guest of Ahmed Aidar on Sen Jotay, who had fewer Vice Presidents of the National Assembly, Moustapha Cissé Lo.

Asked about his dispute with Pastef Ousmane Son, Moustph Cisse Lo, in order to lower the latter to judge that he did not use anything for Senegal Burns in his native Casamance region.

For him, if he was not Macky Sall, he would run for presidential elections in 2019, and Sonko will have nothing against his political weight because at least he distributed Billion F CFAs until Sonko showed up. And to win the elections, he continues, he needs money.

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