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Papa Demba Thiam: "It would be crap to leave F Cfa …"

Will Cfa F disappear in favor of Eco, the future currency of ECOWAS? Hard question to answer to economist Papi Dembi Thiam. Which is otherwise a problem.

Africa with its own currency?
Why, like the US, China, or even Europe, is Africa campaigning for its currency? From the moment we feel the need to create a free trade zone? For the Sunday jury guest, on iradium, "there are countries that can't even manage their own currency. Then you'll add weaknesses to create a big weakness.

A fatal alternative
Now, he claims, "to give up F Cfa because of the principle of abandonment is a matter of atavism and pride, it would be crap." According to him, the debate should not occur at all. "Why giving up FCf should be a fatal alternative? Everyone is looking for a common currency. So, we are prone to monetary integration.

Eco or F Cfa?
The problem, says Pape Demba Thiam, is to first sit the currency on strong economies. "If it is an Eco, what are the economic fundamentals that fertilize the Eco's strength and sustainability. What are some ways to manage Eco? I don't know, it's hard for me to decide and draw a map.

Eco for 2020
Recall that Eco has been accepted as the name of the ECOWAS single currency "and should therefore enter into force in fifteen ECOWAS space nations in 2020. However, it concludes this is a relevant debate that needs to be cleared up.

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